Mulled Wine by Taxi – Business Idea Before The end

The business idea was born out of the ( Corona ) emergency – but currently, the company is no longer allowed to deliver drinks due to state regulations. “We don’t understand,” said managing director Hayk Avetisyan. “Every baker offers coffee-to-go and every kiosk offers beer-to-go. What’s the difference?”

“Demand was enormous”

The Christmas spirit on wheels has to take a break.

The 32-year-old started delivering drinks in the mulled wine taxi at the beginning of November. Initially, the vehicle was traveling on various routes that were previously announced on social networks. “The demand was enormous and we received hundreds of calls,” said Avetisyan. But then it was over for the time being. The reason: drinks were dispensed from the taxi at fixed locations until it continued to the next location. That contradicted the trade regulations. The operators revised their concept and now want to offer a pure delivery service after calling and ordering for individual customers. Avetisyan is therefore hoping for approval. “We sit on the goods, including around 2,500 liters of mulled wine. Every day counts because there is no income.”

Exceptions must be requested from the state

The county of Bentheim refers to the Corona state ordinance of October 30th. After that, catering establishments are closed to the public and visits, “except for out-of-home sales and the collection of food for consumption”. This passage can also be found in the regulation valid from December. “The pure out-of-home sale of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (mulled wine taxi) is not covered, the focus is on (prepared) meals,” writes the authority and emphasizes to clarify that the district administration is not the approval authority, violations but must punish. Exceptions are not provided and can only be requested from the state.

Terminations already prepared

To adapt the concept for the mulled wine taxi, the district continues: “The new concept provides for the delivery of mulled wine to order (with a minimum order value). This business model also contradicts the state ordinance (…)”. Avetisyan still hopes – but also fears that he may have to fire his 15 employees. According to the Facebook post, he has already prepared the letters.

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