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    Ojefe The Famous Rapper And The YouTube Star

    Ojefe is one of the fastest emerging rappers and Hip-hop artists from the USA. Originally he is from a Jamaican and Panamanian background, and he seems to embrace his culture to the fullest.

    Ojefe has worked successfully with famous music brands and has been featured in famous online Hip Hop magazines like Respect Mag, The Odyssey Online, Elevator, and Genius.  Robert Peterson a famous news anchor and music industry expert remembers Ojefe in his golden words as:

    “I have met a lot of people on the streets of DMV and I am amazed that the people of DMV. I love this young star by their heart. I can see clearly that soon this talented boy will make a mark in the rap music industry!”

    His remarkable consistency

    He has been titled the “Most Consistent independent artist from Maryland” and in just two years he has uploaded 32 Music Videos on his YouTube, Spotify, and other channels. This consistency of his in uploading music keeps the fans in touch and the fans don’t get bored of in wait for the next song.

    Even in the times of this global pandemic, when other artists have put their profession as rappers on the back burner, he continues to upload songs. Recently, he released his video “Snapping (Intro)”, produced by Khroam, to make sure that his fans enjoy his latest videos during the tough time of quarantine.


    Ojefe was sentenced 4 1/2 in prison for some mistakes he had made in his past. He used this incarceration as motivation and pushed himself hard to learn the art of rapping and Hip-Hop in a better way. He used this time to perfect his rapping and succeeded in this effort to a great extent too.

    Concerts all over the USA

    In the last two years, he has performed in 55 shows all over the United States of America. The cities where he has performed include, Washington D.C., Maryland, Georgia, Silver Spring, Florida Austin, Atlanta, Wheeling, Miami, Texas, Brooklyn, West Virginia, NYC, New York.

    Senior rappers are of the view that Ojefe is gifted with the talent of captivating the audience. In his concerts, people of all age groups, especially the youth, attend in great numbers to enjoy his music. According to Open News, almost 86% of the people think that he is the best rapper of the modern age.

    Social Media

    He joined YouTube on July 4, 2018, and his fame has increased exponentially since. In total, he has 612.98 thousand views on his YouTube channel and to the date when this article is being written, he has 6.02 thousand subscribers. In just the last 30 days, he gained 73.88 thousand more views on his YouTube channel and made 890 new subscribers.

    This number is quite astonishing for an emerging rapper who joined YouTube in late 2018 and proves that his music is being liked by many. To make sure that the audience relishes every second of his videos, he has kept the videos short but to the point. Typically his videos are of about 2 to 2.5 minutes with a few exceptions like Iced Out and Untamed. He is also active on Instagram and uploads frequently over there too.

    Book Ojefe for a concert

    Ojefe’s popularity seems to keep on increasing day by day. In any budget, he is the most feasible option to book for a concert as he knows exactly how to lift the environment. It is highly advised to make the booking as soon as possible as with such talent, he is predicted to take the flight to some great success very soon.

    For convenience, the process of booking Ojefe for a concert has also been made very simple. Just contact him through any means provided in the “Contact Ojefe” section and his team will get back to you as soon as possible. Make sure to mention if you are booking him for a commercial concert or a charity based concert.


    Ojefe is also open to any collaboration request. Interested individuals can send a formal collaboration request and his team will get back to you as soon as possible. It is advised to make sure to include all the relevant details so that the request can be processed easily. The contact details are mentioned below.

    Contact Ojefe:

    • Facebook Ojefe Doe
    • Instagram 1ojefe
    • Spotify: Ojefe
    • Snapchat O-Jefe
    • Twitter @1ojefe

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