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    How to organize a successful business in the construction of private pools

    The results of sociological studies confirm the presence of a steady tendency for the growing interest of citizens in sports. Under these conditions, the idea of ​​creating private pools becomes promising – swimming pleases people of all ages. Although it requires large financial investments, the pool construction business can become a source of stable income.

    After reading the article, you will learn how to organize a successful business in the construction of private pools, get acquainted with the calculations of profitability and payback of the enterprise.

    A brief analysis of supply and demand

    In the cities of Russia, there is a shortage of water sports complexes. Many of them, created back in Soviet times, are technically outdated. Given the apparent interest of Russians in sports, the shortage of pools provides excellent entrepreneurial enthusiasts opportunities.

    According to marketers, in a city with a population of up to 1 million people there should be about 30 medium and large pools to meet demand.

    Classes in water complexes are in demand since swimming strengthens health and does not overexert the body, has an anti-stress effect and improves mood. Children, adults, and senior citizens can swim – therefore, the target audience is almost unlimited.

    Basic pool construction costs

    Our business plan involves creating a private swimming pool 25 m long, 11.4 m wide with children’s and adult paths.

    Preparation of documentation

    To open the pool, you will need documents, contracts, and permits:

    • from local authorities;
    • from Sanepidnadzor and Rospotrebnadzor;
    • from municipal, fire services;
    • from the Federal Tax Service, the Pension Fund, statistical agencies, insurance funds.

    The issue of paperwork can take a lot of time, so they need to be addressed as soon as possible – immediately after registration of the legal entity.

    The use of a private pool for commerce has an OKVED code of 92.61. As a tax system, it is better to choose UTII. If this is not possible (the option is not available to all businessmen), it is advisable to pay on the simplified tax system.

    Selection of premises and project creation

    There are several ways to solve the issue with the room:

    • To rent an apartment. Suitable business centers, which are located near traffic intersections.
    • Purchase an old building, one of the abandoned sports complexes. Such premises are sold cheaper at auction prices. But here you need to make repairs (in most cases, overhaul).
    • Build everything yourself – start with the purchase of land and build the whole complex yourself. This is the most expensive way.

    Our business plan for the construction of the pool involves the rental of premises of 1000 square meters. m. You need to work on a pre-prepared project.

    Construction and distribution

    Work begins with digging a foundation pit. Using a unique technique, a foundation pit is dug. The depth is determined from the three lanes’ calculation with a depth of 2 m plus one playground not deeper than 1.25 m (where the child can swim without fear).

    Next, a pillow is created from sand, gravel, external formwork is arranged, reinforcement is made, internal formwork is designed.

    The next step is concreting. Often concrete is poured in stages: first, the bottom is concreted. After 2 days, the walls are poured.

    After about a month, the concrete solidifies, the formwork is removed, the finish of the bowl begins. The surface is leveled, waterproofed, faced.

    The pool will cover an area of ​​approximately 300 square meters. m. The rest of the room will be divided into several functional areas: reception, wardrobe, locker rooms, showers, first-aid post.


    After finishing the bowl, all the equipment necessary to maintain cleanliness and create an attractive pool is purchased and installed.

    • They put pipes and pumps, mount devices for heating and purifying water.
    • Dehumidifiers will support comfortable humidity in the room.
    • Keep the bottom and walls clean will help “water” vacuum cleaners.
    • Lanes 2.5 m wide will separate the ropes (marking at the bottom is also recommended). To jump into the water should be installed starting tables.

    For the beauty of the appearance, the pool and the room can be equipped with stylish lighting, multi-colored lamps in the water, geysers, fountains.


    The state must hire a manager, two administrators, nurses, a cloakroom worker, cleaning staff, and one master to check the condition of the equipment and the quality of the water.

    Swimming and water aerobics trainers can also be invited to the state. Although at the initial stage, it is recommended to do without these specialists.

    Area of ​​1000 square meters. m. makes it possible to equip premises for additional services – for example, massage, manicure rooms, saunas, a solarium, a small bar.


    It is essential to inform consumers about the new pool, describe its advantages, and attract profitable promotions.

    You can advertise in the following ways:

    • organize advertising in print media (newspapers, city magazines);
    • distribute leaflets in crowded places;
    • Post ads on the Internet
    • start topics on urban online forums;
    • create and promote a site.

    You can work with kindergartens, large companies that organize group visits to children and employees as part of the development of corporate culture.

    Visitors are attracted to discounts, so you need to develop and implement a bonus program, play season tickets, and regularly hold promotions.

    Profitability calculation

    The pool as a business requires significant investments and high responsibility in the construction and conduct of business. The amount of initial investments is 12.7 million rubles. The number of monthly expenses, including rent, utilities, salaries – 1.67 million rubles.

    The average cost of 1 visit is approximately 300 rubles. A monthly subscription (8 lessons) costs 3000 rubles. The average attendance is 100 people per day. The pool is open 29 days a month.

    If half of the visitors will swim for one-time classes, the other half for season tickets, the monthly revenue will amount to 4.78 million rubles. Less monthly expenses, the profit will be equal to 3.1 million rubles.

    Attendance is seasonal – higher in winter. With this in mind, the pool will be able to recoup itself in about 1.5-2 years.

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