Paulina Rubio Uses The Judge To Prevent Nicolas Vallejo-Nagera From Traveling To Spain With Her Son

Another dream trip that the coronavirus has finished. Like every year, Nicolas ( Collate ) Vallejo-Nagera had planned a vacation with his nine-year-old son Andrea Nicolas well in advance.

Both would spend the summer in Spain and surround by the paternal family. But the fear that Paulina Rubio has alleged that the child will become infected during the trip has been enough for the judge of reason to the mother. It has ruled that the child remains in Miami, Florida, a United States state with more cases of covid-19 than Spain or Italy.

Vallejo-Nagera requested permission to travel with the child to Spain, and Rubio quickly requested an urgent virtual hearing with magistrate Spencer Multack, according to the Mexican Ventaneando program. The minor’s legal guardian, Amber Glasper, explained.

“The boy is very interested in going to Spain, they have family there and it would be a very good trip for him in any other circumstance, but due to the pandemic , and Miami is considered the epicenter of the pandemic, my concern is that if the child travels to Spain they could be at risk of contracting the virus during the trip, which is very long and could no longer return.”

Vallejo-Nagera’s lawyer stressed that the boy anxiously awaits the trip to Spain each year, allowing him to see his father’s family, including his aunt, the cook, and MasterChef jury Samantha Vallejo-Nagera.

“The dad has it planned, he has the tickets, he knows where they want to go, the exact places, the boy is excited to go. There is no evidence that Spain is going to close borders, in fact they have reported that the number of infections is minimal compared to Miami, “said the lawyer.

However, efforts by the legal representation of Rubio’s ex-husband have been in vain. The judge opted for the arguments presented by the singer: “I understand that this is a family trip and that both Mr. Nagera and his son are excited to do it, but we are not living in normal terms and I cannot assume that risk. So I am very sorry but I think there will be more trips and I cannot allow your son to take that plane to Spain”. The magistrate defended his decision, assuring that it would be “completely irresponsible to allow” the child to fly to Spain.

This is one more episode in the arduous and long confrontation between Vallejo-Nagera and Rubio that mainly affects the son they had in 2010. They married in 2007 and divorced after five years of marriage when their son Andrea Nicolas was just under two years old. The mutual accusations between the ex-partners are constant since their separation and the confrontations in the courts.

Her case is taken in Miami, where both resided at the time of their separation and where the businessman stayed to live to be close to her son. Vallejo-Nagera and the singer reached a joint custody agreement in 2014, but their judicial confrontations did not stop. In April 2019, Rubio sued his ex-husband for hiding his son’s whereabouts from him during his time with him.

According to her, Vallejo-Nágera would have prevented her from maintaining regular telephone and video calls with her son for three weeks. He, surprised by Rubio’s gesture, commented on the television program he was presenting: “The truth is that I am not too clear about what he is looking for.”

Last May, Vallejo-Nagera sued his ex-wife to request custody of his son, as Semana magazine reported, but finally, the court denied his request. According to the document to which the publication had access, the businessman’s lawyers argued.

“Given the unstable and erratic behavior exhibited by the mother of our youngest son, today I appear before you to request the immediate and urgent elimination of your parental rights in the Regarding the child’s visits with her. The mother is having severe episodes of mental imbalance causing her to call the police to report to my home. “

In addition to the accusations against Paulina Rubio, Nicolas Vallejo-Nagera also pointed out the singer’s brother not to maintain proper behavior with his son and raise him, in his words, in a “toxic and violent environment.” Therefore, he asked the authorities to carry out a “mental and physical evaluation” of the singer.

A month later, the businessman wanted to show solidarity with the father of Rubio’s second son, Gerardo Bazua. The latter sued the singer in March for preventing him from seeing Eros, four years old. “If I can help my son’s little brother to fulfill his right to see his father, of course I will help him. It doesn’t seem right to me that this boy can’t see his father,” Vallejo-Nagera said on the Mexican television network Imagen Television.

The businessman regretted that Andrea Nicolas is increasingly aware of the row between her parents: “Like all children, they realize everything, also, our son is close to turning 10, she is no longer a baby. Not only does he realize it, but he reasons and draws his own conclusions”.

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