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    Pedro Infante, The Idol That Made Mexico Fall in Love, 102 Years of Legacy

    One hundred two years ago, on November 18, 1917, Mazatlan, Sinaloa, saw the birth of Pedro Infante Cruz, one of the most important and emblematic figures in the history of Mexican cinema. Remembered as the “The Idol of Mexico,” Pedro Infante earned the people’s appreciation and admiration for his music and acting talent.

    In how many films did Pedro Infante participate?

    In the career of the Mexican idol, there are more than 60 endearing films of the so-called golden age of Mexican cinema such as ” The three Garcia,” “What has that woman given you?”, ” The three Huastecos,” “Two types of care “and” ATM (To all machine), “productions that were directed by the Mexican director Ismael Rodríguez, with whom Pedro Infante formed one of the most solid cinematographic pairs of those times.

    Pedro Infante’s career crossed borders and achieved international recognition since it generated the famous “star system” headed by figures such as Maria Felix, Jorge Negrete, Dolores del Rio, Sara Garcia, Pedro Armendariz, and Infante himself.

    One of the films that marked Pedro Infante’s career was the trilogy made up of the films “We the poor” and “You the rich,” from 1948, and “Pepe el Toro,” from 1953; tapes in which he interpreted the songs “Amorcito Corazón” and “Ella” that became recognized melodies generation after generation.

     In these tapes, he shared credits with Evita Muñoz, better known as “Chachita,” and the actress Blanca Estela Pavón died at 23 years of age due to a plane crash the last film through photographs.

    The death of Pedro Infante that marked Mexico

    On April 15, 1957, a sudden plane crash ended the life of the so-called “The idol of Guamúchil.” At the age of 39, Pedro Infante’s career came to an end after reaping endless successes.

    The event that took the life of Pedro Infante was the third plane crash he suffered since on the two previous occasions, and he had suffered injuries to the chin and even a commented inlay of a titanium plate in the left part of the skull.

    His remains were veiled and honored at the Theater of the National Association of Actors, from that time, the place from which they left for their last resting place in the Panteón Jardín, in the south of Mexico City.

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