Dallas Artist Randy V Is Catching Eyes Of Major Labels

The world offers different initial positions to different people in the world, but it does not matter. Actually what matters is how we mold into a better person, a better us, how we cope with our present conditions, and turn our life into a luxurious one. One living example is Randy V, an inspiration for all.


He belonged to a low-class family and lived from hand to mouth in the city of Dallas, Texas. He never wanted to be a rapper, nor did he ever think of doing so. He was homeless at the age of seventeen and tried hard to earn bread for himself. He almost did everything to keep himself alive, to feed himself. He grew up in East Dallas & around the Pleasent Grove of the DFW Metroplex. He had worked from house to housed and lived with his stepfather and mother. Due to poor living conditions, Randy was already focused on street life at the age of 17.


After engaging in a lot of life-threatening activities. While growing up, Randy says he uses his past memories to enable him to write his rhymes. Randy V wants to try and change the outcome look on the average “Dallas Street Thug.” Randy V mixes a heavy melody flow with street lingo, describing his day to day life, and we get a good look into Randy’s fast-paced lifestyle. People hope to see him on more local shows and feel like now that he has a platform where all of his social media and music outlets are on, he will be able to gain traction on his next release.

Top Songs by Randy V

  • Cap
  • My Way
  • Organized Crime
  • Robbery
  • Agg
  • Finesse

Other hits by Randy V

Now You See Us is the latest song by the young emerging artist. Others include Give Us Kodak, Play Yo Cards, What is Pain to Pride, Hippiev Freestyle, and Swipe Free.

Early life of Randy V

He was not a rapper, and he didn’t want to become a rapper. He was a smart guy. At the age, he liked to read books and like to be in his own space, and he was an introvert and antisocial person because of the family struggles and ill financial health. While growing up, he moved to different schools. At his very early age, he learned that it doesn’t matter how you want it, but you got to be financially stable and make most of the life you have. He stood up and worked for the life he dreamt of.

Social Life

Unlike most of the artists, he’s one of the most active members on social media and is available on Instagram,

Facebook, and Twitter. He always posts his latest pictures with his fans and has a great fan following on all platforms. Some of his accounts are:

Randy’s Music

Randy thinks people really like his music because he puts his soul in it, and they can’t help to feel him. Music is an autobiography of his life. In his music, he has not ever rapped anything that he hasn’t lived or seen with his own eyes. He expresses his thoughts, which he can’t directly speak.

Personal Life

Unlike most of the stars, he did not have a very healthy background, nor he had any skills in the beginning, but hard work is always the key to success. Ignoring his social life and career, he is a decent and kind-hearted person. From different channels in the news and through other means, we came to know that he also had rivals in the field, but his saccharine and dominant nature never let him reply to those people.

He always minded his own business and remained dedicated and steadfast over his work and had a great fan following. Such a positive attitude in life always leads to success. About his relationship, it is said that he has been in a relation for a long time and he is always happy with it he has a good and strong relationship with people in his family too. From the start, he always supported his brother.

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