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    Released Anime Overlord Season 4 (Overlord)

    Anime Overlord season 4 – the long-awaited continuation of one of the most popular anime series of recent years. The last third season was released in mid-2018. Each season of the project demonstrates tremendous popularity, which guarantees him the exit continuation.

     Millions of Overlord fans are looking forward to the upcoming season. Recall that the plot of the anime is based on a series of novels by Kugane Maruyama with so-bin illustrations. The first novel of this fascinating series appeared in 2010.

    When will the fourth season of the anime Lord come out?

    The release date for season 4 of the anime Lord is scheduled for the second half of 2020. The exact release schedule for the sequel series will be known later. Stay tuned for our updates.

    Artworks about virtual reality are famous all over the world, especially if they are made in the genre of anime or animated series, which provides excellent opportunities for showing virtual reality. Moreover, it seems that the release date of Lord season 4 (Lord) was again postponed. However, there is an explanation for this: the anime is shot according to the eponymous series of robes. Perhaps the creators are merely waiting for more source material to create a high-quality continuation of the franchise.

    The exact release date of the anime “Overlord” season 4 in Russia with a schedule of all episodes can be seen below.


    The 2126 year. Advanced computer technology allows you to create brand new computer games with the effect of complete immersion. One of them, Yggdrasil, is gaining a considerable number of fans around the world. Among them – the main character, in the world, an ordinary clerk. In real life, he did not achieve significant heights, while in virtual, he is Momonga, the head of one of the strongest guilds. Not surprisingly, he spends most of his time here.

    The Einz Oan Gole Guild was once ranked # 9 in-game. Now its significance has fallen, but 29th among 800 guilds is also not bad. The fall began when guild members began to leave the game. At the peak of Einz Oan Gole included 41 participants, now there are only four went. They faced the collapse of the familiar world: the copyright holders announced that the game servers would be disconnected, and the project would cease to exist.

    Momonga, as one of the most loyal players, decided not to leave Yggdrasil to the last. Only one of the guild partners remained with him, but he also left before the very shutdown. Momonga remained, and with surprise, realized that the promised game end of the world did not happen. It was not the game that disappeared, but the opportunity to leave it. Besides, the NPS created by the players suddenly came to life, gaining intelligence.

    Anime Overlord Season 4

    The main character understands that he is now a lich, one of the new world’s inhabitants. Hoping that other players remained in Yggdrasil, he changes his name to the name of his guild and sets off to wander through the new universe, re-studying its rules and orders. Einz Oan Gole, as his name is now, cautiously and prudently acts slowly, realizing that what used to be just a game, albeit very realistic, has become his life.

    The hero has to build relationships with those who fall in his way, deciding for himself, the enemy in front of him, or a friend. Besides, he is looking for ways to earn domestic currency. Even in the fantasy world that Yggdrasil has turned into, something needs to exist. We can find out about his subsequent adventures by waiting for the release date of the Lord 4 season 1 of the series.


    • Einz Oan Gole is the former head of the Momong Guild of the same name. The gamer who decided not to leave Yggdrasil until the server shutdown.
    • Albedo – Guardian Overseer, Succubus. Submits directly to the head of the guild in whom she is in love. He wears heavy armor, armed with an ax.
    • Shalit Blood fall is also the guardian of the first three levels of the tomb, who is in love with the hero.

    We will see the continuation of their adventures, having waited when the Lord comes out season 4.

    Interesting Facts

    1. The Ranobe Lord, who became the basis for the series, is very popular in his homeland, in Japan. In 2017, more than 2.5 million copies were sold.
    2. The project has alternative names, Lord and Overlord.
    3. The ending of season 3 implies a continuation of the plot, but you should not wait for the release date of Lord season 4 shortly. The premiere is expected no earlier than spring 2020

    Attention!  The release date of the Lord series is season 4, subject to change or refinement. In order not to miss them, we recommend adding our site to your bookmarks.

    Trailer Overlord Season 4

    Anime Overlord Season 4

    Alas, there is no trailer yet. When the anime “Vladyka” season 4 official trailer comes out, we will add it. In the meantime, we offer to see a small review.

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