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    Sally Ozcan Net Worth & YouTube Earnings

    How rich is Sally Ozcan?

    With a nut braid recipe for a million-dollar fortune – that is the short version of the secret of Sally’s world’s success. Of course, it took more than a nut braid to become a multi-million dollar empire, but this recipe video posted on YouTube on April 11, 2012, was the cornerstone. Behind Sally’s world is Saliha Ozcan from Bruchsal, German-Turkish teacher, entrepreneur, and video producer. Her YouTube channel Sallys Welt is the most successful cooking and baking channel in Germany. Sally Ozcan’s estimated net worth is 6 million euros.

    As a teacher to head an empire

    Sally Ozcan grew up with four siblings as the daughter of Turkish immigrants. Her dream as a girl was to become a teacher and start a family. Both quickly became a reality because after graduating from high school in 2008, she completed a teaching degree and married her childhood sweetheart Murat at 19. Two years later, daughter Samira was born. While she was practicing her dream job as a teacher, she also found that many young people have very little cooking and baking knowledge. She had already learned a lot from her mother as a teenager and now wanted to show how easy it is in a video. The small family’s money was tight, and husband Murat only found out later about the 69 euros invested in a digital camera. The first video from the home kitchen went online in 2012 and was about the nut braid mentioned above. A day later, over 1,000 people had seen it.

    Pot money hunter makes Sally’s world-famous

    Her educational training apparently also paid off in that she could easily explain recipes and ingredients to her viewers, and her fan base grew steadily. The ZDF show Topfgeldjager ensured that the number of subscribers to its YouTube channel skyrocketed. Sally Ozcan won the final of the hobby cooking show together with a friend and was able to take home 10,000 euros in prize money. Now, husband Murat was also convinced that his wife’s YouTube channel had potential.

    He helped Sally get her first collaborations with companies whose products were advertised on Sally’s World. Murat also set up an online shop for his wife’s YouTube channel, which started with incredible success: On the first day, goods worth 25,000 euros were sold. Around 1000 items are now sold in the online shop every day. In 2014 Sally’s world had already turned into a small business with 30 employees.

    Sally Ozcan in the TV studio kitchen

    The videos for Sally’s World were no longer shot at home, but in a studio kitchen in Waghausl, supported by a professional crew. The episodes for Sally back and Einfach Sally were filmed there, which were broadcast on VOX from 2017.

    Sally’s world on YouTube

    Sally has now written five cookbooks and operates a second channel on YouTube, Sallys Technikwelt. Here she explains her technical aids such as kitchen machines, household appliances, and other tools in an easy-to-understand way. Besides cooking and baking, raising children (the second daughter Ela was born in 2015), house building, and household tips have found their way into their main channel. The YouTube channel Sallys Welt has almost 2 million subscribers, and the trend is rising. The YouTube earnings of Sally’s world is around 20,000 euros a month. Sally Ozcan’s main income, however, comes from the online shop. Sally’s world is one of your most successful YouTube channels in Germany, so she moves in spheres with Bibis Beauty Palace and Dagi Bee.

    Sally Ozcan trusts that she can also establish herself as a stationary retail brand. So recently, six million euros flowed into a 3000 square meter innovation center with a showroom, restaurant, and flagship store. The empire Sally’s world continues to grow, and Sally Ozcan is expanding her fortune with it.

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