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    Say Goodbye To Boring Looks To Go To The Office

    Going to work is, for many women, an activity like any other that requires planning the clothes to wear. As long as you don’t have to wear a uniform, choosing the best looks for work is a very pleasant activity.

    Here are some tips and tricks to leave boring outfits behind for the office.

    It may seem like a trifle, but being comfortable and stylish contributes greatly to everyone’s productivity. How are these factors related? Easy. An employee with self-confidence and a good mood are much more productive at work than one who is upset and with low self-esteem.

    Clothes collaborate with these positive feelings that we experience.  Without a doubt, looking and feeling beautiful will make you have a much better time throughout the day. To achieve this, you need to explore the alternatives you have and choose the best one according to your preferences.

    Bases for my looks to go to the office

    Like any workplace, an administrative position demands certain parameters that every employee must meet. Of course, you have to look for outfits according to the field in which you work. In other words, avoiding boring looks for going to the office doesn’t mean neglecting formalities.

    To avoid misunderstandings, here are some considerations before choosing your outfit of the day:

    • Stay professional.  Sacrificing prestige to look better is not good business. Therefore, do not wear clothes that are too daring or attract excessive attention with strong colors.
    • Don’t forget comfort.  This type of work involves spending hours sitting, and this is a central aspect when choosing your clothing. Try to select comfortable clothes, preferably loose.
    • Ask for the dress code.  Many companies have one, so your chances of choice may be limited.
    • Be judicious when choosing shoes.  As with clothing, these should denote professionalism and seriousness. If possible, footwear that leaves the toes exposed (such as sandals) and quirky shoes should be avoided, in general.
    • Avoid overly ornate patterns and mix them with slightly more sober garments that are unicolor.
    • If you have people in your charge, strong colors and solid fabrics will give you more authority.

    Put an end to boring looks to go to the office

    Once the previous items have been paid, you will be ready to go to your work always impeccable. Here we leave you some garment options that cannot be missing in your wardrobe:

    Black jeans or jeans

    If you combine them with a blazer or closed shoes, they give you a look executive (but fresh) outstanding. Also,  jeans offer you an infinite number of combinations.

    You can combine them with light shirts, striped shirts and accessories.  These can go well with a good pair of dark pants. Avoid the ones with holes and tears.

    White shirt

    This garment is a basic that every person should have and that cannot be missing in the closet. It will help you create thousands of combinations. Also, if you choose a fabric like a chiffon, it is a very elegant option in itself.

    It can not only be white. Neutral colored shirts, such as light salmon or navy blue, or black – to a lesser extent – are just as effective to combine.

    The good thing about adding blazers or jackets in stronger colors – although not too much – is that it lifts the image in times of cold. Remember that it is in these months when the skin is usually whiter and, therefore, it needs supplements that revitalize it.

    Leather jacket

    Hanks to the new ladylike trend, leather can be worn to the office. The same applies to garments with leather combined with another material; They’re great for breaking up boring office looks. However, some details need to be considered.

    Since this garment is related to more informal outfits in the past decades, it is necessary to style them to wear them at work. How? You can combine it with a skirt without closures or zippers and with discreet but professional blouses.

    Accessories are also important for this: watches, necklaces, bracelets and bags will help you. Thus, you can mix a work style with a ‘rebellious’ additive that will make you look very fashionable.

    Pencil Skirts

    You can use them together with blouses and blazers for a very professional and elegant outfit. Neutral colors are the most suitable; You can add minimal color details to spice up a phenomenal outfit.

    If you are going to use this type of skirts, the shoes should be the same color, or at least similar. The blouse must be placed inside the skirt, and the accessories will play in favor, as long as they are not abused.

    Close shoes

    Sandals or shoes that show feet detract from formality.  However, in companies with greater freedoms, they can be worn, as long as the formality is preserved in the rest of the attire.

    • Everything will depend on the area in which you work and the image you want to give to the public.

    And what about the dresses?

    In the case of dresses, the most advisable is to opt for those that have cuts at the waist. Nothing fitted or to the body. They look great, but they don’t go with work.

    It is better to wear loose dresses, preferably with sleeves or at least three-quarter lengths. As for the length, by the knee is the ideal measurement.

    With all the options available today, it isn’t easy to choose. However, it is all about knowing your body well, respecting certain rules and daring to leave boring looks to go to the office. Apply your creativity and create combinations to be presentable and fashionable!

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