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    Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll Net Worth 2021

    How rich is Shakira?

    The Colombian pop singer Shakira is one of the richest South American pop stars with a fortune estimated by various 270 million euros. In addition to their extensive tours, their record sales also contributed to this success. In the United States alone, the most important music market globally, the singer was able to sell around 60 million albums, and worldwide there are more than 82 million pieces. The singers owe their great success above all to their distinctive, full voice, with which they can play both pop and Latin pop songs. In 2011, US President Barack Obama appointed the Colombian as one of his educational advisors. Since then, she has been campaigning intensively for the education of Hispanic minorities in the USA.

    Shakira’s career

    Even if her professional career began much later, her beginnings could be traced back to Shakira’s school days. It was there that she began to be increasingly interested in singing and dance. She has been writing poetry since she was four. At school, she enjoyed singing her songs in front of classmates, teachers, and nuns. She also repeatedly appeared with smaller dance interludes and was consequently called a little belly dancer by her classmates.

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    She was soon performing on various occasions in her hometown of Barranquilla, which made Monica Ariza, a music producer, aware of her. She convinced someone in charge of Sony Music Colombia to listen to Shakira live because she was convinced of Shakira’s talent from the start. Ciro Vargas, the person in charge, recognized Shakira’s singing qualities but was initially unsure whether it would be a commercial success. After consulting with an artist director who shared his concerns, he initially saw no record deal opportunities. He was then able to convince other senior executives at Sony Music Colombia to take part in an audition in which Shakira performed three songs.

    The first albums

    While the first two albums Magia (1991) and Peligro (1993), were only minor successes, Shakira landed a great success with the following and last album of Piez Descalzo’s first record deal, which was also able to position itself in the charts in the United States, where the album reached number 5 on the Latin Charts. It sold around 600,000 times in the US alone, around a million times in Colombia, and is her first major success.

    Shakira with friend Gerard Pique

    The singer should also have great success with her follow-up albums but decided in 2001 to temporarily sing in English to expand her success internationally. Laundry Service became their first album to be titled in English. The success ultimately proved her decision right: Sony Music was able to sell around 3.5 million albums in the USA and even more in Europe at 4 million euros. In the following years, the albums could not trace this success but remained internationally successful with international sales of around 2 million copies. This is all the more remarkable given that Shakira returned primarily to the Spanish language.

    In addition to her studio albums, Shakira also released four live albums, of which the MTV Unplugged Album reached number 1 on the US Latin Charts and the Live from Paris number 2 on those charts.

    The Voice

    In 2013 and 2014, Shakira sat with the American RnB singer Usher on The Voice’s jury (US version). This replaced the two singers Christina Aguilera and CeeLo Green. Shakira is also the proud owner of several prestigious Billboard Music Awards and MTV Video Music Awards. In 2017 the beautiful Colombian released her last album, “El Dorado.”

    Your possessions

    Until recently, Shakira and her boyfriend Gerard Pique owned a multi-million dollar luxury villa in Florida, which is now for sale for just under $ 15 million. Originally, Shakira only paid 3.4 million for the property. This big price difference came about because, according to Promiflash, the two had extensively rebuilt the villa so that the value of the property had increased significantly. Reasons why the villa is now being sold, are not known. In many cases, stars sell their villas when they originally desired fans, or paparazzi have severely compromised privacy. Still, in this case, it is probably because it is Gerard Pique, who is currently for FC Barcelona plays, who moved to Spain for professional reasons. Shakira and Gerard bought a new house in Barcelona in 2011, which was also heavily renovated and upgraded before moving in.

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    The singer drives the Mercedes Benz SL’s current model, which is available from a list price of approx. 96,000 euros. This vehicle became famous in January for the failure of Shakira to properly park the car on a narrow street in Barcelona, ​​so she gave the car keys to Gerard. He was eventually to park the car properly.

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