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    She Was Deceived Had A Business Idea And Could Take Unprecedented UN Award

    A good business idea is one that solves a problem in the market. In the case of businesswoman Agda Oliver, it was a common blow among unethical mechanics who planted the seed to open a workshop.

    In 2008, deceived by the professional who overhauled her car, she paid for unnecessary and even impossible services. “I paid for things that my car didn’t even have. It caught my attention when I saw the air conditioning filter on the note. My car didn’t even have air conditioning,” he says.

    The mechanic’s gross error revealed a dishonest practice that often lies in the subtleties of the invoices presented to drivers unfamiliar with automotive mechanics terms and services.

    The sexist practice is to elect women as favorite victims. “The impression I had was that, if I didn’t do that review, my car would explode with me in the middle of the street,”

    From that day on, the entrepreneur, who worked as a bank employee and studied systems analysis, started researching the subject and saw the idea of ​​a friendlier and more reliable workshop for those who do not understand the subject.

    The complaint, after all, was common. “People complained about the same things, women did not feel comfortable leaving cars in the workshop, often the professionals were not oriented to talk, to explain,” he says.

    Since then, Agda has gone through all the steps that lead to a successful business: preparation, planning, continuous development, and careful and provident management. In her successful trajectory, she became the first entrepreneur from DF to win the National Sebrae Business Woman Award and may bring an unprecedented international award to Brazil. “The biggest challenge in my business is to overcome prejudice and show that women can do the job equally or better,” he says.

    She’s doing it. She is one of the ten finalists of the Empretec Award for Women Entrepreneurs. The award, made by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), highlights entrepreneurs who applied the knowledge acquired to transform their communities after participating in Empretec, a methodology developed by the United Nations (UN) and executed in Brazil by Sebrae.

    The award ceremony will be held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, pending confirmation from the organizers. In addition to Brazil, nine other countries will be represented in the dispute. In none of the six previous editions of the award, Brazil has made it this far.

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    “Being among the ten finalists is already a victory, but I am confident that the prize is ours. My business is different. My team is different,” he says.

    What is Empretec

    It is a seminar with a methodology approved by the United Nations (UN) held in more than 40 countries to promote entrepreneurship and identify new business opportunities. In Brazil, Sebrae applies it. Throughout Brazil, more than 12 thousand classes have already been held with 286 thousand participants, representing 60% of the public worldwide.

    This year’s edition will be online between August 18th and 20th, and registration is open “Participating was a game-changer. I didn’t know how to delegate, and I did many things that only I knew how to do. I learned the importance of teaching and delegating to have more time to take care of business management. After that, the company’s management started to move”, he says.

    Tips for those who want to start an award-winning business

    Agda studied, took a mechanics course, and prepared for two years before she founded Oficina Meu Mecânico. He sought support from Sebrae from the beginning, and today he has a degree in business management.

     “I always say that you can’t open a business on the ‘tachometer.’ You have to do mapping, planning, strategy, know where you want to go and the path that will be taken”, he says.

    The basis for success is financial planning and control. “It is not how much you earn that leads to success, but what you do with the money you earn. That goes for big or small companies,” she says.

    Careful control of finances has been responsible for the survival of the business in times of the coronavirus pandemic. “The fact of working with working capital for five months, was very important for me to continue my business,” she says that she has the goal of working with working capital for one year.

    The taste for teaching remains strong and giving new good business ideas to the entrepreneur. “Next year, I plan to set up a mechanics school,” he says.

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