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    Some magical tips for preparation of IAS exam

    The IAS examination is considered to be one of the most difficult as well as a prestigious exam in India. Almost lakhs of people attempt this examination each year, and only a small fraction of the applicants can fulfill their dream of becoming the IAS. A lot of people go with the option of online classes for IAS preparation. The exam is not only a challenge in terms of syllabus but can also be very much challenging because of the unpredictable nature of the review. A lot of people think that they can crack the exam by becoming just being the bookworm, but actually, it is not so one requires proper planning and strategy formulation to clear this exam. All-round development of the individual is a crucial concept other than the academic knowledge to make this exam.

    Some of the magical tips which will boost the preparation process and will help the individuals to clear the exam are mentioned as follows:

    The individuals should prepare them for the worst scenario:

    Before starting with the preparation for the IAS exam one should prepare one’s mind about the whole journey. Both mental, as well as physical preparation, should be there for the examination. The individual should work properly after setting the goals and devoting sincere efforts and time towards the achievement of these goals. The pattern of the examination and the whole process must be understood very thoroughly. With the advancement in technology now it has become very easy to balance professional life as well as academic life. So, one must prepare the mind for all these things.

    A proper timetable should be made and followed:

    To achieve the dream of becoming an IAS officer one has to follow a daily routine that is well organized and systematic. One should frame a comfortable timetable so that one can prepare for the examination by sticking to it. Making a timetable will not only help in solving the purpose but one has to devote sincere efforts towards it so that the whole process becomes streamlined. With having deadlines in mind one will put several efforts to achieve the goals on time and with efficiency.

    One should have a thorough idea about the syllabus:

    Having the idea about the syllabus is the most basic stage of planning as well as strategy formulation. The individual before preparing and appearing for the examination must have a thorough idea about the syllabus. In case one knows the syllabus properly then one can go with the option of choosing the relevant and important study material so that subjects can be prioritized and studied efficiently.

    One should develop a habit of reading the newspapers as well as current affairs:

    The current affairs occupy a very important place in the whole preparation phase of the IAS examination. In case an individual has no idea about the latest news and current events then he or she should never hope to clear this exam. All the questions in the examinations are somehow related to the current affairs of the nation. So, it is very much important to follow the news items. One can also utilize the available technology by downloading several applications that provide knowledge about current affairs so that one can remain up-to-date in this field.

    The art of choosing the optional subject:

    The decision making of choosing the options subject requires proper skill. The optional subject has 500 marks in the final exam and it should be chosen very wisely after analyzing all the merits and demerits of those subjects. One should take into consideration the interest in the subject and the prior knowledge about the subject. The availability of study material and the availability of coaching centers is another thing to be considered here.

    One should follow the NCERT books:

    All the textbooks from class 6 to class 12th play a great role in the preparation of this exam. All the basic concepts and theories can be cleared from these books. The NCERT books can be referred to as the most reliable source of information and sometimes the examination has direct questions from these textbooks. So, these books are considered the best books to prepare for the IAS examination. Along with these one should also follow various advanced-level books to prepare well.

    The individual should have the habit of making proper notes:

    To clear any of the exam notes to play a very crucial role. Just because the syllabus of this examination is very vast and wide so notes will help in keeping proper records as well as the track of things which have been covered and can also become a source of quick revision. Separate notebooks should be maintained for each subject. All the latest updates and current affairs should be added side by side so that nothing is missed.

    An individual should develop proper writing practice:

    The questions in the IAS exam are descriptive and require testing of the critical as well as communicative abilities of the individuals. Conceptual clarity and point of view organization, as well as perception on various things, is a very crucial area of judgment in these exams. So, the individuals should have the art of summarizing their thoughts on the answer booklets because of the space constraint. So, all the questions have to be effectively answered. All these things are not possible in case the person does not possess writing practice so, the practice of writing potion is very much important.

    The candidate should focus on previous year question papers and mock test series provided by various institutes:

    Previous years question paper can be considered as the highly reliable sources of the pattern and difficulty level of the examination. All the trend analyses can be conducted very easily with the help of previous year question papers. Another good way is to go with the option of mock test series so that one can indulge in self-assessment. This will help in learning several things from mistakes so that strengths and weaknesses can be identified.

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    The best online classes for IAS preparation also help to provide several tips for the individuals so that they can ace in these examinations. Hence, following these tips along with proper planning and strategy formulation can help the individuals to clear this exam.

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