Thank You for Being a Dad: What Should I Write on a Father’s Day Card?

Does your Dad know how much you love him?

A parenting survey shows that 51% of mothers believe they’re doing a great job being moms. However, only 39% of the fathers thought they were excellent dads. It’s likely, that your Dad doubts whether or not he’s being a good parent, even though you’re already all grown up.

Luckily, Father’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to remind your Dad just how awesome he is with a heartfelt card. What should you write on your Father’s Day card?

Read on to find out!

The Power of DIY Cards

Parents love getting things their children made, and that doesn’t change when you grow up! Instead of grabbing a card off the shelves, why not try a Father’s Day card maker? When you have your card making software, you can create free Father’s Day cards. You could design a traditional tent card, or create a Father’s Day pop up design.

Heart-Warming Memories

If you decide to design your card on the computer, you’ll want to print it out so you can handwrite a heartfelt message on the inside. We suggest you write about a memory you have of time spent with your dad. The memory can be from your childhood, or it could be from last week!

The memory doesn’t even have to be a major one, it can be a simple special moment you shared. For instance, you could say something like, “You’re always there for me, like last week when I called you for car advice.”.

Express Your True Feelings

Are you having trouble thinking about a memory that’s card worthy? Instead of writing about the past, you can make your card all about the present. Tell your dad how you feel about him, no matter how mushy it sounds.

Do you still think he’s a superhero? Do you wonder how different your life would be if he wasn’t around? Let your dad know how much you think about him, and how your heart feels when he’s on your mind.

Lessons Learned

Last but not least, remind your dad about a lesson he taught you. You can talk about an obvious lesson. For instance, if your dad taught you how to change a tire, or create a budget, write about that.

However, lessons can also be more abstract. Perhaps your dad taught you how to love unconditionally, or how to believe in yourself.

Give a Father’s Day Card to Remember

Don’t stress it. It’s almost impossible to mess up a Father’s Day card. As long as the card’s coming from you, your Dad’s going to love it!

To give yourself the most creative freedom, you should give card making software a try. Remember, if you type up a personalized message in the card, you still need to write something inside it, even if it’s just to sign your name. Having your handwriting on the card helps it pack a more sentimental punch.

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