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    Transcending traditional territories of monochromatic technologies, the ever-so-evolving innovations and visions of genius minds and intellects have given birth to drones and UAV technology. The recent technological developments in the space of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have rightfully led to the rise in drones’ use for copious real-time operations. Adding ease of operation, the accuracy of measurements, speed of service, and appreciably many more features to its applied tasks, drones have revolutionized several industries. 

    Essentially, drones are generous with their services and solutions spread across bountiful sectors under their prodigious features. UAVs’ employment is included but is not limited to the spheres of mining, agriculture, construction, real estate, oil and gas, filming, photography, military, search and rescue, law enforcement, and significantly more. DHL, Amazon, Walmart, BBC, and so on are adopting drones’ competency to their core functioning for improved results.

    Equinox’s Drones, being a leading drone service company, believes in drones’ abilities and services to strengthen other industries. Our team of experts ensures to bring maximum advantages with our proficiency and experience. Enriching different companies’ marketing and business, we aspire to offer reliable and quality-intensive drone services and aerial solutions.


    The new age of advancements and growth has shone a light upon the diverse aspects of innovation and imagination. The brainchild of this vivid yet electrifying breakthrough are drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Witnessing their applications in disparate fields for distinctive yet relevant operations and purposes, drones bring forward great benefits for these companies. 


    Amongst many others, drone services for operations involving aerial inspection and surveillance have seen a tremendous surge. Owing to its mobile and captivating abilities, drones allow for detailed, precise, qualitative, and focused inspection footage and results. The measurements so obtained show faster acquisition of data and accurate, time-critical, comprehensive, and intricate results, paving the way for optimal solutions. Drones also monitor and survey  in remote and inaccessible locations that would otherwise not be reachable by humans. The oil and gas industry and mining companies adopt drones to acquire explicitly and particularised inspection footage to further decisions and undertakings. Agriculture, real estate, construction, and so employ drones to ensure all facets concerning the respective fields are secure. Drones are thus utilized as marketing tools to sell the sites, listings, or even the crops. At Equinox’s Drones, we cater to all these industrial requirements and more.

    2. 3D MAPPING

    One of the most significant and most effective utilisations of UAVs’ ground-breaking technology comes in the form of 3D mapping. In principle, mapping refers to the functions of projecting objects and their images in 3D space. The projections of said objects of interest range from video mapping to augmented spatial reality. Substantially, drones have elevated the services of 3D mapping to higher levels of proficiency and value. The onset of mobile and 3D cameras and sensors give drones what they need to map the sites or objects of interest spatially and in the real world. Weather forecasting, agriculture, real estate, law enforcement, search and rescue, and military industries revel in the introduction of 3D mapping with the help of UAVs.


    Drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have tailed in the extraordinary abilities encompassing data collection, processing, and validation. With drones, the potential for faster data acquisition with precise measurements has levitated to more significant standards. The process of data collection, processing, analysis, and validation is especially important to bring out and highlight the various facets of industrial elements. The services of acquiring and processing data help companies make further determinations and conclusions that account for said industries’ smooth functioning. Media companies, agricultural firms, weather forecasting sectors, construction companies, and more employ drones and UAVs to acquire, process, and validate data.


    Futuristic and pioneering as they are, drones entail and enrich an abundance of tasks and operative functions that enclose several industries and sectors’ core. The onset of these winged vehicles has brightened the potential prospects of these industries because it acknowledges and upholds the key elements yet pushes the boundaries of accustomed and typical technological know-how. Finding its way through filming and photography and military purposes, the services and solutions offered by drones have helped them climb to the top of innovative essence.

    Embodying ease and finesse of functioning, drones provision the luxurious upliftment and advancements across several purposes. Meeting and surpassing the specialized industrial requirements, UAV technology drives security, convenience, and authenticity to all its applications that encircle an expansive range. At Equinox’s Drones, we aspire to entail the advantageous nature of drones and their services too.

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