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    The Lawsuits are Just Beginning, Says Trump After Criticizing Biden

    President of the United States used social media to reaffirm that he will judicialize the electoral dispute even before the end of vote counts in the country.

    The president of the United States Donald Trump used social networks on Friday, 6, to criticize the Democratic nominee Joe Biden and affirm once again that you want to judicialize the contest for the post of president, which still accounts for votes two days after the elections in North American country. “ Joe Biden should not mistakenly claim the position of president. I could also claim it. Legal proceedings are just beginning, ”Trump said on Twitter. To date, Biden has accumulated 253 of the electoral college votes and Trump has 214 of them. To be considered elected, a candidate must reach 270 votes.

    “I had such great advantages in all these states on election night and I saw that advantage miraculously disappear over the days. Perhaps these advantages will return as our processes advance, ”continued the president. Six states have yet to release the names of the winners and continue to count the votes: Georgia, Alaska, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Arizona. The Trump campaign has featured a series of lawsuits against states in the country in recent days.

    The lawsuit against Georgia, in which the candidate claimed that late ballots were mixed with “legal votes”, was dismissed by a judge for lack of evidence. In Michigan, the president’s request that the vote count is halted due to lack of access by Republican observers was also dismissed.

    In addition to promising prosecutions and criticizing his opponent, the Republicans used social media on Friday to fuel the unproven rumors of election fraud. said. “I easily won the presidency of the United States with legal votes,” he said, hours before questioning: “Where are the lost military ballots in Georgia? What happened to them? ”. Most of Trump’s publications were hidden by the social network Twitter, which warned readers about the possibility that the content might not be real. Throughout the day, candidate Joe Biden, who on Thursday made a statement declaring himself confident of the possible victory, is expected to speak in public again on Friday night, this time alongside runner-up candidate Kamala Harris.

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