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    The Most Expensive Part of a Bathroom Renovation

    During renovating your bathroom, keep in mind that no two things will cost the same. The cost of labour will be significantly different from the cost of vanity or bathtubs, and so on. So, most of the people still wonder about the most expensive part of the bathroom renovation. 

    It is necessary to consider the factor that will cost maximum so that one can plan according to the budget. If one got to know about the cost of each factor, then it becomes easy to manage the overall budget.

    Let’s go through each factor and discuss the most expensive part of a bathroom renovation.

    Labor Cost:

    In most of the bathroom renovations, labour cost is the part that is the most expensive one. Labour can cost around 30% of the entire budget in this modern era. Based on the project’s complexity, contractors can charge around $50 to $120 per hour or one and a half-hour.

    Whether it is the plumbing, wall panels, or tile work, installation and labour charges make a big hole in your pocket. So, the labour cost is not limited to bathroom renovation, plumbing, electricity set-up, and other associated aspects.

    Both the plumber and electrician charge you in different amounts. A plumber can charge you from $50 to $150 per hour while an electrician can charge you from $50 to $100 per hour.

    For the entire project, you will need to hire different contractors, plumbers, electricians, and even painters. So, you can think this part is the most expensive one during the renovation of the bathroom.

    Tiling or Wall Panels:

    If we talk about tiles, then this is one factor that one can undergo to DIY. When you renovate your bathroom, you might go for remodelling the tiling or bathroom wall panels of your whole bathroom. Moreover, if you neglect the materials costs, tiling demands a lot of labour hours and implies greater expense.

    However, if the tiling is done perfectly, it takes about two weeks from beginning to ending. The arrangement work is generally four days, and the tile placing itself usually takes up to six days.

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    If you have all the necessary tools and have hired a tiling expert, things can be made easy and boost the work.

    Materials Cost:

    One more thing that cost you more is the cost of materials that you will buy for starting the project. Its total cost also depends on the quality of materials and how many items you buy to use. This part affects you just once during the process as you will collect all the materials such as shower wall panels etc. in the beginning.

    Other factors:

    The above mentioned are the top 3 expensive parts of the renovation of a bathroom. Remember that these are only the average values, and fixed prices can differ according to method or material you opted. So, your requirements could be different, and hence that will cost you in different ways.

    Apart from these factors, some other parts exist that cost you more. These parts are:

    • Size of the Bathroom
    • Moving Plumbing Fixtures
    • Moving the Walls
    • Luxury Additions

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