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    The Oldest Daughter Of Alejandro Sanz, Shows Her Life On Social Networks

    Alejandro Sanz and his first wife, Mexican model Jaydy Michel, have always maintained a low media profile when it comes to their daughter, Manuela Sanchez. The girl to whom the singer composed the song, And it only occurs to me to love you is about to turn 19 years old. Just a month before that date, he decided to make his Instagram account public, where he already accumulates almost 3,000 followers, and this Thursday he accompanied his father and his partner, Rachel Valdés, in an event held in Madrid in recognition of The artist’s career and his relationship with the Spanish capital.

    Little by little, the young woman is making herself known. At the moment, she has only published on Instagram eight images in which selfies stand out above all. She has also shared a portrait with a friend and asked her followers for help to give a puppy a name: “Benji or Ron?” Manuela Sanchez follows nearly 50 profiles on the same social network, among which celebrities such as Miguel Bosé and Genoveva Casanova, friends of her father, stand out. He also exchanges messages with Rachel Valdés, with whom the young woman maintains a good relationship. Her parents are also among her followers and dedicate messages like “my beautiful life” or “my beautiful princess” to her.

    Beyond some anecdotes that Alejandro Sanz and Jaydy Michel have shared on social networks and during interviews, not much is known about the life of Manuela Sanz. “She is sensitive, committed, a good student and good to her brothers,” the singer revealed to Bertín Osborne on the program Mi casa es la tuya. The young woman lives in Mexico with her mother. She gets along well with her siblings: Alexander, 17, the son of Puerto Rican designer Valeria Rivera, Dylan, eight, and Alma, five, both born when the singer was with Raquel Perera. She also has fun with Leonardo, the four-year-old son her mother has with former Mexican soccer player Rafael Márquez.

    He loves his father’s songs, he likes flamenco, he knows how to play the piano and when he was 14 he shared the stage with his artist. It was during a concert in Guadalajara (Mexico) in which the young woman acted as a chorus girl during the performance of Un zombie a la intemperie. “An applause for this new singer who has premiered here in Guadalajara. Manuela Sanchez Michel. She is my daughter!” Shouted a proud father. Jayde Michel was in the audience and wrote on social media: “Every time I see these images, I get too excited. How much love between father and daughter”.

    But initially, music is not among his main interests for a professional future. Manuela Sanchez seems to be more oriented to the world of fashion, a hobby that comes from her mother, as well as her passion for yoga. During the confinement, which has happened in Mexico with Michel, the young woman has dedicated herself to making bags, something that surprised the model. “Super proud to see that my princess is bringing out her creativity these days. In two days, she has made several bags with pieces of cloth that she had stored. My designer, I love you so much,” said the mannequin on her Instagram account.

    Her father has been quarantined in Madridaway from their four children. The artist has not always been able to be present in the life of his first-born due to work commitments. But without a doubt, the young woman was a before and after in the life of Alejandro Sanz. “She is the best love story always told. The love story never told is written by her. You close and open chapters of my life,” the artist wrote on Twitter when his daughter came of age last year. In 2019, Manuela Sanchez graduated from the Thomas Jefferson Institute in Guadalajara. The singer was unable to attend the ceremony, but a few days later he was able to star in a very special moment with her. Father and daughter went together to the young woman’s graduation dance, and the artist shared that moment with her followers. “Yesterday, I was at that movie prom that we all dream of. But my true dream come true is her, Manuela, and even asleep I can’t take my eyes off my girl. Happy, proud and impossible to love her more”, he wrote on social networks.

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