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    The Rapper Sido’s Net worth & His Career

    Date of birth30 November 1980 (age 40)
    Born inBerlin, Germany
    marital statusmarried to Charlotte Würdig (separated) (since 2012)
    jobRapper, artist, actor
    Full namePaul Hartmut Würdig

    How much money does Sido have?

    Sido, real name Paul Hartmut Wurdig, was born on November 30, 1980, in Berlin. His mother is Sintiza (European Roma), his father German. He and his younger sister lived with their single mother. He came from a poor background and worked his way up from the former BadBoy image to a superstar and pop star.

    Today he is a millionaire, his fortune is estimated at 9 million euros, and he is described as one of the most successful German rappers. His cooperation “au revoir” with Mark Forster was also a great success in the German charts.

    Sido’s career and musical development

    His stage name used to stand for “shit in your ear,” today, it is an abbreviation for “super-intelligent drug victim “. Paul Wurdig’s career began in 1997. He published works with Bobby Davis (B-Tight) for the Berlin hip-hop underground label Royal Bunker. The two rappers shared the stage name RoyalTS (TS for Tight / Sido), later they called themselves AidS (Everything is the sect). The two were discovered at a concert, after which they were signed to the Aggro label.

    In 2003 Paul began his solo career with the songs “Christmas Song” and “Arschficksong”. His first solo album, “Mask,” followed – the title alludes to the chrome-plated skull mask, which he wore to public appearances. Sido knew how to provoke his lyrics, behavior, and provocative and quickly had numerous fans. The songs “Mein Block” and “Fluffies im Club” climbed the charts. He came from the very bottom and made it to the top. The rowdy, provocative rapper at the time is much calmer and more civilized today. This is also noticeable in his songs.

    Excellent works by Sido

    In Germany, Sido received the gold record several times for over 100,000 sales. The following albums went gold: Mask (2004), I (2006), “I and my mask” (2008), Aggro Berlin (2009), VI (2015), “The golden album” (2016). The album 30-11-80 (2013) even went platinum (over 200,000 sales). All these albums helped the rapper to find his fortune.

    In September 2019, Sido released his last album with the title: “Ich & kein Maske” and cooperated with other artists such as Apache 207, Samra, Kool Savas, or Casper.

    Beef with other rappers

    In the rap business, there are so-called diss songs that target another rapper. Such a track was recorded by Bushido and Kay One against Sido and published on Youtube. Thereupon Sido responded with a track against the two. Later, however, a reconciliation between Bushido and Sido followed; they recorded the album 23 together, which brought great success. The song to be found on it, “being grown-up” (together with Peter Maffay), stayed in German charts for 29 weeks. But Sido entered into other collaborations with songs, for example, with Harris, Helge Schneider, Nazar, Doreen, and many more. The musical collaboration with Adel Tawil was also a great success. The track “Heaven should wait” became particularly well known.

    Other sources of income

    Paul Hartmut Wurdig not only made a career as a musician, but he also tried his hand at acting and was seen in these films: Mannersache, Blutzbrudaz, “Die Spatzunder 2”, Halbe Bruder, and “A bride seldom comes alone.”

    In addition to these films, he also acted some times as a presenter in various shows. In Austria, Sido was a juror at the ORF casting shows “Heroes of Tomorrow” and “The Great Chance”. His biography “I want my song back” has been available in stores since 2006. In 2010 he opened a tattoo studio in Berlin with the name “Me and my cat”. Sido is wealthy and has an estimated annual salary of one million euros.

    Sido in private – women & children

    Sido has a son from a previous relationship, but not much is known about him. Later he was in a relationship with the singer Doreen Steinert; with her, he had also brought out a song together. After 5 years of relationship, the engagement followed in 2010, very romantic on Valentine’s Day. The planned marriage did not take place. However, the couple separated before that. From May 2012, he was with the presenter in a relationship Charlotte Engelhardt; a short time later, they got married. In 2013 their first son was born, and in 2016, the second son saw the light of day. There were four of the family in Hohen Neuendorf. His song Liebe from the album “30-11-80” is dedicated to his lady of the heart, Charlotte Engelhardt, and shows that Sido and his family were on cloud nine. In March 2020, the surprising marriage was announced. After 8 years together, the two go their separate ways. click here

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