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5 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Teeth Alignment Method

Do you or your child have an overbite, underbite, or gaps between your teeth? Are you wondering if you should invest in teeth aligners? Believe...

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    The Richest People in The World in 2021

    Who is the rich man in the world?

    One million euros is a lot of money for our one. For some people, however, these are peanuts. The richest people in the world have such an inexpressibly large fortune; just the idea of ​​this sum is incredible. The capital of these people does not consist solely of money that is kept in the bank. Shares and company shares make up the majority of their wealth. These, in particular, fluctuate a little, which means that the ranking is also constantly changing. We constantly determine the current stock exchange prices and can, therefore, always present the richest people in the world to you. We convert the billions of US dollars into euros using the current exchange rate.

    The individual positions of the richest people often differed only slightly. Thus, a rise or fall in a stock exchange price can change the entire ranking. It is also striking that there are many Americans in the top positions on the list. The US has the largest number of billionaires globally and has the largest tech companies, such as Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and Oracle.

    The richest people in the world:

    #SurnameAssets (EUR)country
    1Elon Musk150.46 billionUnited States
    2Jeff Bezos149.36 billionUnited States
    3Bernard Arnault123.95 billionFrance
    4thBill Gates99.58 billionUnited States
    5Mark Zuckerberg75.29 billionUnited States
    6thZhong Shanshan75.28 billionChina
    7thWarren Buffett72.2 billionUnited States
    8thLarry Ellison71.99 billionUnited States
    9Larry Page62.88 billionUnited States
    10Mukesh Ambani61.62 billionIndia
    11Sergey Brin61.11 billionUnited States
    12thAmancio Ortega60.5 billionSpain
    13thSteve Ballmer59.86 billionUnited States
    14thFrancoise Bettencourt Meyers & family58.95 billionFrance
    15thAlice Walton56.76 billionUnited States
    16Jim Walton56.58 billionUnited States
    17thS. Robson Walton56.31 billionUnited States
    18thCarlos Slim Helu50.07 billionMexico
    19thColin Zheng Huang48.9 billionChina
    20thMa Huateng48.09 billionChina
    21stJack Ma47.43 billionChina
    22ndMacKenzie Scott45.08 billionUnited States
    23Michael Bloomberg44.94 billionUnited States
    24Phil Knight44.27 billionUnited States
    25thDieter Schwarz41.5 billionGermany
    26thFrancois Pinault37.5 billionFrance
    27Charles Koch36.78 billionUnited States
    28Julia Koch & family36.78 billionUnited States
    29Tadashi Yanai36.05 billionJapan
    30thHe Xiangjian34.62 billionChina
    31Beate Heister & Karl Albrecht Jr.34.57 billionGermany
    32Michael Dell34.2 billionUnited States
    33Daniel Gilbert34.08 billionUnited States
    34Masayoshi Son32.6 billionJapan
    35David Thomson31.92 billionCanada
    36Sheldon Adelson28.7 billionUnited States
    37Robin Zeng28.55 billionHong Kong
    38Wang Wei28.54 billionChina
    39Pang Kang27.82 billionChina
    40Li Ka-shing27.22 billionHong Kong
    41William thing26.84 billionChina
    42Yang Huiyan25.99 billionChina
    43Len Blavatnik25.11 billionUnited States
    44Lei Jun25 billionChina
    45Takemitsu Takizaki24.69 billionJapan
    46Jacqueline Mars23.66 billionUnited States
    47John Mars23.66 billionUnited States
    48Dietrich Mateschitz23.09 billionAustria
    49Vladimir Potanin23.04 billionRussia
    50Lee Shau Kee22.86 billionHong Kong
    51Gautam Adani22.81 billionIndia
    52Brothers Chearavanont22.69 billionThailand
    53Zhang Yiming22.68 billionChina
    54Giovanni Ferrero22.52 billionItaly
    55Hui Ka Yan21.79 billionChina
    56Qin Yinglin21.6 billionChina
    57Vladimir Lisin21.49 billionRussia
    58Shiv Nadar21.33 billionIndia
    59Susanne Klatten21.2 billionGermany
    60German Larrea Mota Velasco20.28 billionMexico
    61Li Xiting20.27 billionChina
    62Leonid Mikhelson20.27 billionRussia
    63Gerard Wertheimer20.16 billionFrance
    64Alain Wertheimer20.16 billionFrance
    65Zhang Yong20.15 billionSingapore
    66Leonardo Del Vecchio20.15 billionItaly
    67Wei Jianjun19.95 billionChina
    68Li Shufu19.36 billionChina
    69James Simons19.26 billionUnited States
    70Wang Xing19.24 billionChina
    71Alexey Mordashov19.19 billionRussia
    72Colin Huang19.11 billionChina
    73Klaus-Michael Kuehne19.07 billionGermany
    74Zhong Huijuan18.95 billionChina
    75Thomas Peterffy18.85 billionUnited States
    76Leonard Lauder18.35 billionUnited States
    77Xu Hang18.23 billionChina
    78Laurene Powell Jobs18.2 billionUnited States
    79Liu Qiangdong17.98 billionChina
    80Theo Albrecht, Jr.17.86 billionGermany
    81Gennady Timchenko17.76 billionRussia
    82Andrew Forrest17.49 billionAustralia
    83R. Budi Hartono17.45 billionIndonesia
    84Pierre Omidyar17.41 billionUnited States
    85Stefan Persson17.35 billionSweden
    86Radhakishan Damani17.26 billionIndia
    87Sun Piaoyang17.24 billionChina
    88Vagit Alekperov17.21 billionRussia
    89Iris Fontbona17.18 billionChile
    90Stephen Schwarzman17.08 billionUnited States
    91Zhang Zhidong17.03 billionChina
    92Jim Simons16.98 billionUnited States
    93Rupert Murdoch16.96 billionUnited States
    94Suleiman Kerimov16.95 billionRussia
    95Chirathivat family16.94 billionThailand
    96Jiang Rensheng16.93 billionChina
    97Chen Bang16.8 billionChina
    98Reinhold Wuerth16.77 billionGermany
    99Michael Hartono16.77 billionIndonesia
    100Wang Chuanfu16.44 billionChina
    101Alexey Mordashov & family16.42 billionRussia
    102Stefan Quandt16.16 billionGermany
    103Zhou Qunfei16.15 billionHong Kong
    104Petr waiter16 billionCzech Republic
    105Zuo Hui15.94 billionChina
    106Jorge Paulo Lemann15.75 billionBrazil
    107Heinz Hermann Thiele15.69 billionGermany
    108William Lei thing15.67 billionChina
    109Seo Jung-Jin15.34 billionSouth Korea
    110James Ratcliffe15.23 billionUnited Kingdom
    111Wang Liping15.17 billionChina
    112Chalerm Yoovidhya & family14.97 billionThailand
    113Ernest Garcia II14.91 billionUnited States
    114Goh Cheng Liang14.76 billionSingapore
    115Emmanuel Besnier14.7 billionFrance
    116Luke Walton14.44 billionUnited States
    117Peter Woo14.32 billionHong Kong
    118Fan Hongwei & family14.23 billionChina
    119Dhanin Chearavanont14.14 billionThailand
    120Chen Zhiping14.14 billionChina
    121Gina Rinehart14.11 billionAustralia
    122Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken14 billionNetherlands
    123Ray Dalio13.85 billionUnited States
    124Eric Schmidt13.77 billionUnited States
    125Lui Che Woo13.51 billionHong Kong
    126Alisher Usmanov13.42 billionRussia
    127Wu Yajun13.41 billionChina
    128Dietmar Hopp13.2 billionGermany
    129Jorn Rausing13.04 billionSweden
    130Huang Shilin12.89 billionChina
    131Uday Kotak12.88 billionIndia
    132Eric Yuan & family12.86 billionChina
    133Donald Newhouse12.83 billionUnited States
    134Dustin Moskovitz12.8 billionUnited States
    135Carl Icahn12.56 billionUnited States
    136Mikhail Fridman12.54 billionRussia
    137Hasso Plattner12.53 billionGermany
    138Donald Bren12.53 billionUnited States
    139Lakshmi Mittal12.48 billionIndia
    140Lee Man did12.48 billionHong Kong
    141Liang Wengen12.46 billionChina
    142Pallonji Mistry12.29 billionIreland
    143Abigail Johnson12.26 billionUnited States
    144Ken Griffin12.26 billionUnited States
    145Pierre Castel & family12.24 billionFrance
    146Zhong Huijuan & family12.23 billionChina
    147Mike Cannon-Brookes12.23 billionAustralia
    148Scott Farquhar12.19 billionAustralia
    149Gong Hongjia12.14 billionHong Kong
    150Thomas Frist, Jr.12.14 billionUnited States
    151Andrey Melnichenko12.1 billionRussia
    152Steve Cohen11.95 billionUnited States
    153Hinduja family11.92 billionUnited Kingdom
    154Robert Pera11.92 billionUnited States
    155Patrick Drahi11.91 billionFrance
    156Wang Jianlin11.88 billionChina
    157Suleiman Kerimov & family11.84 billionRussia
    158Hongbin Sun11.79 billionUnited States
    159Joseph Lau11.73 billionHong Kong
    160John Menard, Jr.11.67 billionUnited States
    161Eduardo Saverin11.42 billionBrazil
    162Udo & Harald Tschira11.39 billionGermany
    163Roman Abramovich11.37 billionRussia
    164Cen Junda11.32 billionChina
    165Lu Zhongfang11.21 billionChina
    166Kirsten Rausing11.15 billionSweden
    167Finn Rausing11.15 billionSweden
    168Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi11.12 billionThailand
    169Georg Schaeffler11.11 billionGermany
    170Wang Laisheng11.09 billionChina
    171Robin Li11.06 billionChina
    172Yu Renrong11.04 billionChina
    173Wang Laichun11.02 billionChina
    174Robert & Philip Ng10.92 billionSingapore
    175Ricardo Salinas Pliego10.88 billionMexico
    176Kim Jung-Ju10.85 billionSouth Korea
    177Wang Wenyin10.81 billionChina
    178David Duffield10.79 billionUnited States
    179Qi Shi10.71 billionChina
    180David Tepper10.63 billionUnited States
    181Kwong Siu-hung10.58 billionHong Kong
    182Jen-Hsun Huang10.51 billionUnited States
    183Liu Yonghao10.3 billionChina
    184Graeme Hart10.29 billionNew Zealand
    185Aliko Dangote10.08 billionNigeria
    186Brian Chesky10.06 billionUnited States
    187Viktor Vekselberg10.05 billionRussia
    188Jack Dorsey9.99 billionUnited States
    189Anders Holch Povlsen9.88 billionDenmark
    190Robert Kuok9.87 billionMalaysia
    191Anthony Pratt9.82 billionAustralia
    192Leng Youbin9.72 billionChina
    193Lin Bin9.69 billionUnited States
    194Ma Jianrong9.69 billionChina
    195Forrest Li9.63 billionSingapore
    196Jay Chaudhry9.59 billionUnited States
    197Li Zhenguo & family9.58 billionChina
    198Bobby Murphy9.56 billionUnited States
    199Joseph Tsai9.48 billionCanada
    200Dang Yanbao9.48 billionChina
    201John Doerr9.45 billionUnited States
    202Zhang Bangxin9.42 billionChina
    203Cyrus Poonawalla9.39 billionIndia
    204Sunil Mittal9.38 billionIndia
    205Mikhail Prokhorov9.29 billionRussia
    206Marcel Herrmann Telles9.21 billionBrazil
    207Cheng Xue9.16 billionChina
    208Harry Triguboff9.11 billionAustralia
    209Joe Gebbia9.1 billionUnited States
    210Nathan Blecharczyk9.1 billionUnited States
    211Zhang Tao9.09 billionChina
    212Liu Hanyuan9.05 billionChina
    213Charles Butt & family9.04 billionUnited States
    214Melker Schorling9.03 billionSweden
    215Luis Carlos Sarmiento9.02 billionColombia
    216Lu Xiangyang8.98 billionChina
    217Evan Spiegel8.94 billionUnited States
    218Viktor Rashnikov8.9 billionRussia
    219Li Ge8.83 billionChina
    220Gordon Moore8.82 billionUnited States
    221Hey Xiaopeng8.71 billionChina
    222Massimiliana Landini Aleotti8.7 billionItaly
    223Ian & Richard Livingstone8.7 billionUnited Kingdom
    224Kumar Birla8.7 billionIndia
    225Carl Cook8.62 billionUnited States
    226John Fredriksen8.61 billionCyprus
    227Alberto Bailleres Gonzalez8.6 billionMexico
    228Dilip Shanghvi8.51 billionIndia
    229Thomas Struengmann8.51 billionGermany
    230Andreas Struengmann8.51 billionGermany
    231Ruan Liping8.47 billionHong Kong
    232Ruan Xueping8.46 billionHong Kong
    233Hank & Doug Meijer8.34 billionUnited States
    234Charles Schwab8.34 billionUnited States
    235Hui Wing Mau8.31 billionHong Kong
    236Philip Anschutz8.29 billionUnited States
    237Tobi Lutke8.28 billionCanada
    238Ding Shizhong8.26 billionChina
    239Chen Jianhua8.25 billionChina
    240German Khan8.14 billionRussia
    241Ding Shijia8.13 billionChina
    242Jan Koum8.12 billionUnited States
    243Quek Leng Chan8.11 billionMalaysia
    244Denise Coates8.02 billionUnited Kingdom
    245Shigenobu Nagamori8.02 billionJapan
    246Sarath Ratanavadi8.02 billionThailand
    247Jay Y. Lee8 billionSouth Korea
    248David Geffen7.93 billionUnited States
    249Liu Jincheng & family7.91 billionChina
    250Daniel Tsai & family7.88 billionTaiwan
    251Kim Beom-Su7.84 billionSouth Korea
    252Stefano Pessina7.79 billionItaly
    253Steven Rales7.75 billionUnited States
    254Cai Kui7.71 billionChina
    255William Li7.65 billionChina
    256Anthony Wood7.62 billionUnited States
    257Ann Walton Kroenke7.58 billionUnited States
    258Iskander Makhmudov7.54 billionRussia
    259Friedhelm Loh7.49 billionGermany
    260Sun Hongbin7.42 billionUnited States
    261Charles Ergen7.42 billionUnited States
    262Kuldip Singh & Gurbachan Singh Dhingra7.39 billionIndia
    263Giorgio Armani7.32 billionItaly
    264Pei Zhenhua7.23 billionChina
    265Leonid Fedun7.21 billionRussia
    266Zong Qinghou7.21 billionChina
    267Xavier Niel7.2 billionFrance
    268Loretta Robinson & family7.18 billionCanada
    269Zeng Yuqun7.17 billionHong Kong
    270Wang Wenjing7.15 billionChina
    271Azim Premji7.14 billionIndia
    272Savitri Jindal7.14 billionIndia
    273Takahisa Takahara7.13 billionJapan
    274Eyal Ofer7.12 billionIsrael
    275Gianluigi & Rafaela Aponte7.11 billionSwitzerland
    276Lee Man Tat family7.08 billionHong Kong
    277Carlos Alberto Sicupira7.07 billionBrazil
    278Galen Weston7.06 billionCanada
    279George Soros7.04 billionUnited States
    280Alain Merieux7.03 billionFrance
    281August von Finck7.03 billionGermany
    282Jerry Jones7.01 billionUnited States
    283Xu Shihui7 billionChina
    284Marc Benioff6.99 billionUnited States
    285Zhao Yan6.96 billionChina
    286Terry Gou6.85 billionTaiwan
    287Nancy Walton Laurie6.85 billionUnited States
    288Niels Peter Louis-Hansen6.83 billionDenmark
    289Leonid Fedun & family6.82 billionRussia
    290Andreas von Bechtolsheim6.82 billionGermany
    291Nassef Sawiris6.81 billionEgypt
    292Herbert Kohler, Jr.6.81 billionUnited States
    293Stanley Kroenke6.78 billionUnited States
    294Leon Black6.78 billionUnited States
    295Ernesto Bertarelli6.77 billionSwitzerland
    296David & Simon Reuben6.77 billionUnited Kingdom
    297David Cheriton6.75 billionCanada
    298Li Jianquan & family6.72 billionHong Kong
    299Tom & Judy Love6.71 billionUnited States
    300Blair Parry-Okeden6.7 billionUnited States
    301Jim Kennedy6.7 billionUnited States
    302Juan Francisco Beckmann Vidal6.69 billionMexico
    303Ernest Garcia III6.65 billionUnited States
    304Kei Hoi Pang6.64 billionChina
    305Huang Li6.59 billionChina
    306Yao Liangsong6.57 billionChina
    307Christy Walton6.55 billionUnited States
    308Eric Wittouck6.55 billionBelgium
    309Michael Platt6.55 billionUnited Kingdom
    310Zeng Fangqin6.54 billionChina
    311Frederik Paulsen6.54 billionSweden
    312Diane Hendricks6.51 billionUnited States
    313Nicky Oppenheimer6.5 billionSouth Africa
    314Benu Gopal Bangur6.44 billionIndia
    315Shahid Khan6.43 billionUnited States
    316Wolfgang Marguerre6.42 billionGermany
    317Randa Duncan Williams6.39 billionUnited States
    318Simon Reuben6.38 billionUnited Kingdom
    319David Reuben6.38 billionUnited Kingdom
    320Tse ping6.36 billionChina
    321Martin Lorentzon6.36 billionSweden
    322Bernard Marcus6.29 billionUnited States
    323Magdalena Martullo-Blocher6.29 billionSwitzerland
    324Alexei Kuzmichev6.28 billionRussia
    325Guo Guangchang6.26 billionChina
    326Andrew Beal6.25 billionUnited States
    327David Green6.24 billionUnited States
    328Richard Qiangdong Liu6.22 billionChina
    329Rahel Blocher6.22 billionSwitzerland
    330Jiang Bin6.21 billionChina
    331Andrei Skoch & family6.2 billionRussia
    332Marcos Galperin6.13 billionArgentina
    333Zhang Jindong6.1 billionChina
    334Charles Cadogan & family6.09 billionUnited Kingdom
    335Fan Hongwei6.07 billionChina
    336John Grayken6.06 billionIreland
    337Prajogo Pangestu6.04 billionIndonesia
    338Shi Yonghong & family6.04 billionChina
    339Edward Johnson, III.6.02 billionUnited States
    340Andrei Skoch6.02 billionRussia
    341Murali Divi5.98 billionIndia
    342Silvio Berlusconi5.97 billionItaly
    343Manuel Villar5.96 billionPhilippines
    344Johann Graf5.93 billionAustria
    345Thierry Dassault5.93 billionFrance
    346Marie-Hélène Habert5.93 billionFrance
    347Olivier Dassault5.93 billionFrance
    348Laurent Dassault5.93 billionFrance
    349Johann Rupert5.92 billionSouth Africa
    350Pamela Mars5.91 billionUnited States
    351Valerie Mars5.91 billionUnited States
    352Victoria Mars5.91 billionUnited States
    353Marijke Mars5.91 billionUnited States
    354Israel Englishman5.89 billionUnited States
    355Stephen Ross5.88 billionUnited States
    356John Malone5.87 billionUnited States
    357Sandra Ortega Mera5.86 billionSpain
    358Li Haiyan5.85 billionChina
    359Pham Nhat Vuong5.85 billion
    360Ashwin Dani5.83 billionIndia
    361Dan Cathy5.82 billionUnited States
    362Carl Bennet5.81 billionSweden
    363Stewart and Lynda Resnick5.81 billionUnited States
    364Bubba Cathy5.81 billionUnited States
    365Alexander Abramov5.8 billionRussia
    366Michael Kadoorie5.79 billionHong Kong
    367Li ping5.78 billionHong Kong
    368George Roberts5.74 billionUnited States
    369George Lucas5.72 billionUnited States
    370Antonia Ax: son Johnson5.72 billionSweden
    371Rodolphe Saadé & family5.7 billionFrance
    372Kushal Pal Singh5.69 billionIndia
    373Ruan Hongliang & family5.68 billionChina
    374Rocco Commisso5.66 billionUnited States
    375Chase Coleman, III.5.65 billionUnited States
    376Alexander Otto5.65 billionGermany
    377Thomas Kirk Kristiansen5.64 billionDenmark
    378Sofie Kirk Kristiansen5.64 billionDenmark
    379Agnete Kirk Thinggaard5.64 billionDenmark
    380Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen5.64 billionDenmark
    381Wang Yusuo5.64 billionChina
    382Eli Broad5.63 billionUnited States
    383Gustaf Douglas5.58 billionSweden
    384Henry Kravis5.57 billionUnited States
    385Patrick Soon-Shiong5.57 billionUnited States
    386Alexandre Behring5.57 billionBrazil
    387Fredrik Lundberg5.56 billionSweden
    388James Dyson5.53 billionUnited Kingdom
    389Gang Ye5.53 billionSingapore
    390To Kang5.53 billionChina
    391Ralph Lauren5.5 billionUnited States
    392Reinhold Schmieding5.49 billionUnited States
    393Dmitry Rybolovlev5.46 billionRussia
    394Horst Julius Pudwill5.46 billionGermany
    395Robert Kraft5.44 billionUnited States
    396Ronald Perelman5.43 billionUnited States
    397Francis Choi5.43 billionHong Kong
    398Hansjoerg Wyss5.42 billionSwitzerland
    399Antti Herlin5.4 billionFinland
    400Jason Jiang5.4 billionChina
    401Mitchell Rales5.39 billionUnited States
    402Qian Dongqi & family5.37 billionChina
    403James Goodnight5.36 billionUnited States
    404Liu Richard5.35 billionChina
    405Li Xiang5.35 billionChina
    406John Tu5.35 billionUnited States
    407Liu Yongxing5.35 billionChina
    408Ronda Stryker5.34 billionUnited States
    409Ludwig Merckle5.33 billionGermany
    410David Sun5.32 billionUnited States
    411David Shaw5.32 billionUnited States
    412Wee Cho Yaw5.32 billionSingapore
    413Guenther Fielmann5.32 billionGermany
    414Li Chunan5.31 billionChina
    415John Overdeck5.29 billionUnited States
    416David Siegel5.29 billionUnited States
    417Richard children5.29 billionUnited States
    418Huang Chulong5.27 billionCanada
    419Chung Mong-Koo5.26 billionSouth Korea
    420Andrei Kozitsyn5.24 billionRussia
    421Neil Bluhm5.19 billionUnited States
    422Mike Adenuga5.19 billionNigeria
    423Meisong Lai5.19 billionChina
    424Richard Liu5.18 billionChina
    425James Irving5.16 billionCanada
    426Marie Besnier Beauvalot5.14 billionFrance
    427Jean-Michel Besnier5.14 billionFrance
    428Zheng Shuliang & family5.14 billionChina
    429Charles B. Johnson5.13 billionUnited States
    430Dennis Washington5.12 billionUnited States
    431Andrew Currie5.08 billionUnited Kingdom
    432John Reece5.08 billionUnited Kingdom
    433Frank Lowy5.07 billionAustralia
    434Arthur Blank5.06 billionUnited States
    435Dong Wei5.06 billionChina
    436Bajaj brothers5.06 billionIndia
    437Li Wa5.06 billionHong Kong
    438Sri Prakash Lohia5.04 billionIndonesia
    439Cao Renxian5.04 billionChina
    440Stef Wertheimer5.04 billionIsrael
    441Chairul Tanjung5.04 billionIndonesia
    442Lin Jianhua5.02 billionChina
    443Harold Hamm4.99 billionUnited States
    444Jim Pattison4.97 billionCanada
    445Micky Arison4.97 billionUnited States
    446You Xiaoping4.96 billionChina
    447Jeffrey Skoll4.95 billionUnited States
    448Antonia Johnson4.93 billionSweden
    449Henry Samueli4.91 billionUnited States
    450John A. Sobrato4.91 billionUnited States
    451Gary Rollins4.9 billionUnited States
    452Chen Fashu4.9 billionChina
    453Hiroshi Mikitani4.89 billionJapan
    454Lin Xiucheng4.89 billionChina
    455Odd Reitan4.88 billionNorway
    456Kuan Kam Hon4.88 billionMalaysia
    457Hong Piow Teh4.87 billionMalaysia
    458Akio Nitori4.85 billionJapan
    459Antonia Ax: son Johnson & family4.82 billionSweden
    460Chip Wilson4.82 billionCanada
    461Theo Mueller4.81 billionGermany
    462Shu Ping4.81 billionSingapore
    463Yu Yong4.8 billionChina
    464Thomas Siebel4.79 billionUnited States
    465Aloys Wobben4.77 billionGermany
    466Chan Laiwa4.77 billionChina
    467Meg Whitman4.77 billionUnited States
    468Vincent Bollore4.76 billionFrance
    469Maria Asuncion Aramburuzabala4.76 billionMexico
    470Tsai Eng-Meng4.76 billionTaiwan
    471Paul Tudor Jones, II.4.73 billionUnited States
    472Nicolas Puech4.72 billionFrance
    473Mahendra Choksi & family4.71 billionIndia
    474Les Wexner4.7 billionUnited States
    475Chen Rui4.69 billionChina
    476Augusto & Giorgio Perfetti4.69 billionItaly
    477Tom Gores4.69 billionUnited States
    478Isaac Mother of Pearl4.67 billionUnited States
    479Wong Man Li4.66 billionHong Kong
    480Ananda Krishnan4.64 billionMalaysia
    481Kwee family4.61 billionSingapore
    482Rahul Bajaj4.61 billionIndia
    483Jack & Laura Dangermond4.61 billionUnited States
    484Frits Goldschmeding4.6 billionNetherlands
    485Margarita Louis-Dreyfus4.6 billionSwitzerland
    486Wang Zhenhua4.59 billionChina
    487Fred Smith4.57 billionUnited States
    488Randa Williams4.55 billionUnited States
    489Scott Duncan4.55 billionUnited States
    490Milane Frantz4.55 billionUnited States
    491Dannine Avara4.55 billionUnited States
    492Frederick Smith4.55 billionUnited States
    493Teh Hong Piow4.55 billionMalaysia
    494Vikram Lal4.53 billionIndia
    495Carrie Perrodo4.49 billionFrance
    496Edward Roski, Jr.4.49 billionUnited States
    497Chu Mang Yee4.48 billionChina
    498Barry Lam4.48 billionTaiwan
    499Abdulsamad Rabiu4.47 billionNigeria
    500Laurence Graff4.47 billionUnited Kingdom
    501Hasmukh Chudgar4.47 billionIndia
    502Judy Faulkner4.47 billionUnited States
    503Lin Li4.46 billionChina
    504Jude Reyes4.45 billionUnited States
    505J. Christopher Reyes4.45 billionUnited States
    506Daniel Ek4.45 billionSweden
    507Wolfgang Heart4.45 billionGermany
    508Michael Heart4.45 billionGermany
    509Harry Stine4.44 billionUnited States
    510Peter Grogg4.43 billionSwitzerland
    511Pankaj Patel4.43 billionIndia
    512Zhang fan4.42 billionChina
    513Pan Laican4.42 billionChina
    514Idan Ofer4.42 billionIsrael
    515Henry Nicholas, III.4.41 billionUnited States
    516Jean-Pierre Cayard4.4 billionFrance
    517George Kaiser4.38 billionUnited States
    518Jian Jun4.37 billionChina
    519Tim Sweeney4.36 billionUnited States
    520Bruce Kovner4.36 billionUnited States
    521Rene Benko4.35 billionAustria
    522Yao Zhenhua4.35 billionChina
    523Dagmar Dolby4.35 billionUnited States
    524Renate Reimann-Haas4.34 billionGermany
    525Matthias Reimann-Andersen4.34 billionGermany
    526Wolfgang Reimann4.34 billionGermany
    527Stefan Reimann-Andersen4.34 billionGermany
    528Douglas Leone4.34 billionUnited States
    529Charles Dolan4.33 billionUnited States
    530Jane Lauder4.32 billionUnited States
    531Carlos Rodriguez pastor4.31 billionPeru
    532Alan N. Trefler4.31 billionUnited States
    533Wang Zhendong4.3 billionChina
    534Ivan Glasenberg4.3 billionSwitzerland
    535Tamara Gustavson4.3 billionUnited States
    536Luiza Helena Trajano4.29 billionBrazil
    537James Chambers4.29 billionUnited States
    538Margaretta Taylor4.29 billionUnited States
    539Katharine Rayner4.29 billionUnited States
    540Peter Thiel4.29 billionUnited States
    541Robert Smith4.27 billionUnited States
    542Clive Calder4.27 billionUnited Kingdom
    543Shen Guojun4.27 billionChina
    544Law Kar Po4.26 billionHong Kong
    545Abhay Vakil & family4.26 billionIndia
    546Barry Diller4.25 billionUnited States
    547Michael Moritz4.24 billionUnited States
    548Andrei Guriev4.24 billionRussia
    549Ronald Lauder4.23 billionUnited States
    550Murat Ulker4.21 billionTurkey
    551Wu Jianshu4.21 billionHong Kong
    552Peter Gassner4.2 billionUnited States
    553Larry Xiangdong Chen4.2 billionChina
    554Alexandra Schoerghuber4.2 billionGermany
    555Emanuele (Lino) Saputo4.2 billionCanada
    556John Brown4.19 billionUnited States
    557Paul Xiaoming Lee & family4.19 billionUnited States
    558Kapil & Rahul Bhatia4.19 billionIndia
    559Dan Olsson4.18 billionSweden
    560Lee Yeow Choir & Yeow Seng4.18 billionMalaysia
    561Li Liangbin4.18 billionChina
    562Terrence Pegula4.17 billionUnited States
    563Enrique Razon, Jr.4.17 billionPhilippines
    564Gustavo Denegri4.17 billionItaly
    565Reed Hastings4.16 billionUnited States
    566Lee Yin Yee4.16 billionChina
    567Pyotr Aven4.16 billionRussia
    568Joe Mansueto4.15 billionUnited States
    569Christopher scorn4.13 billionUnited Kingdom
    570Juan Roig4.13 billionSpain
    571Daniel no4.09 billionUnited States
    572Bertil Hult4.09 billionSweden
    573Dirk Ziff4.09 billionUnited States
    574Robert No.4.09 billionUnited States
    575Walter Scott, Jr.4.09 billionUnited States
    576Patrizio Bertelli4.09 billionItaly
    577Miuccia Prada4.08 billionItaly
    578Georg Stumpf4.08 billionAustria
    579Yuri Milner4.07 billionRussia
    580Joe Lewis4.05 billionUnited Kingdom
    581Andrej Babis4.05 billionCzech Republic
    582Axel Oberwelland4.05 billionGermany
    583Yasumitsu Shigeta4.04 billionJapan
    584Teddy Sagi4.04 billionIsrael
    585Karen Pritzker4.04 billionUnited States
    586Kjell Inge Rokke4.04 billionNorway
    587Zhang Daocai4.03 billionChina
    588Zhou Bajin4.03 billionChina
    589Marc Ladreit de Lacharriere4.02 billionFrance
    590Charles Johnson4.01 billionUnited States
    591Pauline MacMillan Keinath4 billionUnited States
    592Mu Rongjun4 billionChina
    593Robert Bass4 billionUnited States
    594Mark Scheinberg4 billionCanada
    595Chen Dongsheng3.99 billionChina
    596Thomas Schmidheiny3.99 billionSwitzerland
    597Andrei Guriev & family3.97 billionRussia
    598Li Weiguo3.97 billionChina
    599Issad Rebrab3.96 billionAlgeria
    600Richard Schulze3.96 billionUnited States
    601Huang Yi3.96 billionHong Kong
    602Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw3.96 billionIndia
    603Joshua Harris3.96 billionUnited States
    604Ted Lerner3.96 billionUnited States
    605Kenneth Langone3.96 billionUnited States
    606Jin Baofang3.95 billionChina
    607Lai Jianping3.95 billionChina
    608Bidzina Ivanishvili3.95 billionGeorgia
    609Lucy Peng3.95 billionChina
    610Sam Zell3.93 billionUnited States
    611Howard Schultz3.93 billionUnited States
    612Frank Wang3.93 billionChina
    613Wang Xicheng3.93 billionChina
    614Michel Leclercq3.93 billionFrance
    615Jeff Skoll3.92 billionUnited States
    616Bernard Broermann3.91 billionGermany
    617Tang Shing-bor3.91 billionHong Kong
    618Juergen Blickle3.91 billionGermany
    619Liu Fangyi3.91 billionChina
    620Jean Pierre Cayard3.9 billionFrance
    621Anthony Bamford3.9 billionUnited Kingdom
    622Andreas Halvorsen3.89 billionNorway
    623Chen Lip Keong3.89 billionMalaysia
    624John Coates3.88 billionUnited Kingdom
    625Masahiro Noda3.86 billionJapan
    626Giuseppe De’Longhi3.86 billionItaly
    627Charles Simonyi3.85 billionUnited States
    628Cho Tak Wong3.85 billionHong Kong
    629Eric Smidt3.83 billionUnited States
    630Miao hang3.81 billionChina
    631Dona Bertarelli3.81 billionSwitzerland
    632Maria Fernanda Amorim & family3.8 billionPortugal
    633Ray Lee Hunt3.8 billionUnited States
    634Zhu Baoguo3.8 billionChina
    635Stephen Bisciotti3.79 billionUnited States
    636Bert Beveridge3.79 billionUnited States
    637Richard Branson3.79 billionUnited Kingdom
    638Andre Esteves3.78 billionBrazil
    639Rudolf Maag3.78 billionSwitzerland
    640Garrett Camp3.78 billionCanada
    641Thomas Hagen3.77 billionUnited States
    642Piero Ferrari3.77 billionItaly
    643Ronald Wanek3.77 billionUnited States
    644Georg Nemetschek3.76 billionGermany
    645Jeronimo Arango3.76 billionMexico
    646Gao Dekang3.76 billionChina
    647Lin Su-hon3.76 billionTaiwan
    648Ben Silbermann3.75 billionUnited States
    649Pierre Chen3.74 billionTaiwan
    650Martin & Olivier Bouygues3.72 billionFrance
    651Dirk Rossmann3.72 billionGermany
    652Sergei Popov3.7 billionRussia
    653Sumet Jiaravanon3.69 billionThailand
    654Jeff Green3.69 billionUnited States
    655Min Kao3.68 billionUnited States
    656Richard Li3.68 billionHong Kong
    657Michael Pieper3.67 billionSwitzerland
    658MA Yusuff Ali3.67 billionIndia
    659Mark Walter3.67 billionUnited States
    660Radovan Vitek3.66 billionCzech Republic
    661Scott Cook3.66 billionUnited States
    662Kerry Stokes3.66 billionAustralia
    663Ye Xiaoping3.65 billionChina
    664Dong fan3.64 billionChina
    665Xu Shugen3.64 billionChina
    666Martha Ingram3.63 billionUnited States
    667Stanley Printmiller3.63 billionUnited States
    668Jason Chang3.63 billionSingapore
    669Anthony of Mandl3.62 billionCanada
    670Wu Guanjiang & family3.62 billionChina
    671Jaran Chiaravanont3.62 billionThailand
    672Jack Dangermond3.62 billionUnited States
    673Deng Wen3.61 billionChina
    674Kwon Hyuk-Bin3.6 billionSouth Korea
    675Vladimir Kim3.6 billionKazakhstan
    676Ugur Sahin3.6 billionGermany
    677Pierre Bellon3.59 billionFrance
    678Montri Jiaravanont3.59 billionThailand
    679Luis Frias3.59 billionBrazil
    680Patrick Lee3.58 billionHong Kong
    681Ralph Dommermuth3.58 billionGermany
    682Viatcheslav Cantor3.54 billionRussia
    683Ken Fisher3.53 billionUnited States
    684Benjamin Zhengmin Pan & family3.53 billionChina
    685Zhou Hongyi3.53 billionChina
    686Karel Komarek3.52 billionCzech Republic
    687Jon Stryker3.52 billionUnited States
    688Edwin Leong3.52 billionHong Kong
    689Yu Minhong3.51 billionChina
    690Peter Gilgan3.51 billionCanada
    691Fu Liquan3.51 billionChina
    692Rainer Blickle3.51 billionGermany
    693Igor Olenicoff3.51 billionUnited States
    694Ron Baron3.5 billionUnited States
    695Julian Robertson, Jr.3.5 billionUnited States
    696Candido Pinheiro Koren de Lima3.49 billionBrazil
    697David & Frederick Barclay3.49 billionUnited Kingdom
    698Renzo Rosso3.49 billionItaly
    699Alain Bouchard3.48 billionCanada
    700Michal Solowow3.48 billionPoland
    701Mark Cuban3.47 billionUnited States
    702Eric Lefkofsky3.47 billionUnited States
    703Jonathan Gray3.47 billionUnited States
    704Leonard Stern3.46 billionUnited States
    705You weimin3.45 billionChina
    706Lim Wee Chai3.45 billionMalaysia
    707Li Yongxin & family3.45 billionChina
    708Yi Zheng3.44 billionChina
    709Wu Zhigang3.44 billionChina
    710Chu Lam Yiu3.44 billionHong Kong
    711John Paulson3.44 billionUnited States
    712Guenther Lehmann3.43 billionGermany
    713Matthew Calkins3.42 billionUnited States
    714Tilman Fertitta3.42 billionUnited States
    715Ursula Bechtolsheimer-Kipp3.41 billionGermany
    716Nathan Kirsh3.4 billionSwaziland
    717Arnon Milchan3.4 billionIsrael
    718Akira Mori3.39 billionJapan
    719Shari Arison3.39 billionIsrael
    720Wong Luen Hei3.38 billionChina
    721Thomas Straumann3.38 billionSwitzerland
    722Hu Baifan3.37 billionChina
    723Pansy Ho3.37 billionHong Kong
    724Michael Tojner3.36 billionAustria
    725Rafael Del Pino y Calvo-Sotelo3.36 billionSpain
    726Julio Ponce Lerou3.36 billionChile
    727John Morris3.34 billionUnited States
    728Steven Udvar-Hazy3.34 billionUnited States
    729Dan Friedkin3.34 billionUnited States
    730Tom Golisano3.34 billionUnited States
    731Igor Altushkin3.34 billionRussia
    732Yeung Kin-man3.34 billionHong Kong
    733Thomas Pritzker3.33 billionUnited States
    734Pawan Munjal3.32 billionIndia
    735Xu Jingren3.32 billionChina
    736Marian Ilitch3.32 billionUnited States
    737Wang Linpeng3.32 billionChina
    738Margot Birmingham Perot3.3 billionUnited States
    739Stéphane Bancel3.29 billionFrance
    740Ken Xie3.28 billionUnited States
    741Gabe Newell3.28 billionUnited States
    742Su Hua3.28 billionChina
    743Sami Mnaymneh3.28 billionUnited States
    744Tony Tamer3.28 billionUnited States
    745Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha & family3.27 billionThailand
    746John Gandel3.27 billionAustralia
    747Antony Ressler3.25 billionUnited States
    748Suh Kyung-Bae3.25 billionSouth Korea
    749Erik Selin3.25 billionSweden
    750Traudl Engelhorn3.24 billionGermany
    751Rupert Johnson, Jr.3.24 billionUnited States
    752David Bonderman3.24 billionUnited States
    753Janice McNair3.23 billionUnited States
    754Zhang Wenzhong3.23 billionChina
    755Robert Rowling3.22 billionUnited States
    756Rodger Riney3.22 billionUnited States
    757Helen Johnson-Leipold3.22 billionUnited States
    758Winifred Johnson-Marquart3.22 billionUnited States
    759S. Curtis Johnson3.22 billionUnited States
    760Lam Wai Ying3.21 billionHong Kong
    761Gilles Martin3.2 billionFrance
    762Jai Hari & Yadu Hari Dalmia & family3.2 billionIndia
    763George Kurtz3.2 billionUnited States
    764H. Fisk Johnson3.2 billionUnited States
    765Rick Caruso3.2 billionUnited States
    766Liu Xiaodong3.2 billionChina
    767Gan Zhongru3.2 billionChina
    768Oleg Tinkov3.19 billionRussia
    769Hong Jie3.19 billionChina
    770Yakir Gabay3.18 billionCyprus
    771Samuel Tak Lee3.18 billionHong Kong
    772Nusli Wadia3.17 billionIndia
    773Che Jianxing3.17 billionChina
    774Neil Shen3.17 billionHong Kong
    775Ivar Tollefsen3.17 billionNorway
    776Jeff Greene3.16 billionUnited States
    777Marc Rowan3.16 billionUnited States
    778Zhang Xin & family3.16 billionChina
    779Jim McKelvey3.15 billionUnited States
    780Peter Hargreaves3.15 billionUnited Kingdom
    781Don Vultaggio & family3.15 billionUnited States
    782Wang Wenxue3.14 billionChina
    783Masatoshi Ito3.14 billionJapan
    784Karsanbhai Patel3.13 billionIndia
    785Yuan Liping3.13 billionCanada
    786Chung Eui-Sun3.13 billionSouth Korea
    787Fang Wei3.13 billionChina
    788Michael Ashley3.13 billionUnited Kingdom
    789Feng Hailiang3.1 billionChina
    790Igor Kesaev3.1 billionRussia
    791Zhang Jin3.1 billionChina
    792Rakesh Gangwal3.1 billionUnited States
    793Robert Rich, Jr.3.09 billionUnited States
    794Qiu Guanghe3.09 billionChina
    795Takao Yasuda3.08 billionJapan
    796Herbert Wertheim3.08 billionUnited States
    797Abdulla bin Ahmad Al Ghurair3.08 billionUnited Arab Emirates
    798Shaul Shani3.08 billionIsrael
    799Donald Sterling3.07 billionUnited States
    800Luca Garavoglia3.07 billionItaly
    801Ty Warner3.06 billionUnited States
    802Steven Spielberg3.06 billionUnited States
    803Russ Weiner3.06 billionUnited States
    804Michael Otto3.05 billionGermany
    805Ye Chenghai3.05 billionHong Kong
    806Johnelle Hunt3.05 billionUnited States
    807Roger Wang3.05 billionUnited States
    808Xue Hua3.04 billionChina
    809Michael Milken3.03 billionUnited States
    810Juan Carlos Escotet3.03 billionVenezuela
    811Gustav Magnar Witzoe3.03 billionNorway
    812Martin Lau3.03 billionHong Kong
    813Melissa Ma3.02 billionChina
    814David Steward3.02 billionUnited States
    815Lee Paul & family3.02 billionUnited States
    816Vinod & Anil Rai Gupta3.02 billionIndia
    817Orlando Bravo3.02 billionUnited States
    818Jeffery Hildebrand3.02 billionUnited States
    819Kwek Leng Beng3.02 billionSingapore
    820Chen Huwen3.02 billionChina
    821Mohed old bike3.01 billionFrance
    822Arnout Schuijff3.01 billionNetherlands
    823Chey Tae-Won3 billionSouth Korea
    824Martin Haefner3 billionSwitzerland
    825Qiu Jianping2.99 billionChina
    826Xia Zuoquan2.98 billionChina
    827NR Narayana Murthy2.98 billionIndia
    828Rita Tong Liu2.98 billionHong Kong
    829Li Xiaohua & family2.97 billionChina
    830Tomasz Biernacki2.96 billionPoland
    831Majid Al Futtaim2.95 billionUnited Arab Emirates
    832Daniel D’Aniello2.95 billionUnited States
    833Masahiro Miki2.95 billionJapan
    834Rodger Riney & family2.94 billionUnited States
    835Christoph Zeller2.94 billionLiechtenstein
    836Jin Lei2.94 billionChina
    837Amos Hostetter, Jr.2.94 billionUnited States
    838Dulce Pugliese de Godoy Bueno2.94 billionBrazil
    839Daryl Katz2.93 billionCanada
    840David Rubenstein2.93 billionUnited States
    841Chen Huxiong2.93 billionChina
    842William Lauder2.93 billionUnited States
    843Romesh T. Wadhwani2.93 billionUnited States
    844Hey Zhaoxi2.93 billionChina
    845Jaime Gilinski Bacal2.93 billionColombia
    846Li Guoqiang2.93 billionChina
    847Hans Georg Naeder2.93 billionGermany
    848Zhang Hongwei2.93 billionChina
    849Kuok Khoon Hong2.93 billionSingapore
    850Paul Singer2.92 billionUnited States
    851Sergei Galitsky2.91 billionRussia
    852Richard LeFrak2.91 billionUnited States
    853Mark Stevens2.91 billionUnited States
    854Hao Hong2.91 billionUnited States
    855Luo Liguo & family2.91 billionChina
    856Anthony Pritzker2.9 billionUnited States
    857Pan Zhengmin2.9 billionChina
    858James Packer2.9 billionAustralia
    859Harald Link2.9 billionThailand
    860Tony Xu2.9 billionUnited States
    861Koon Poh Keong2.9 billionMalaysia
    862Frank VanderSloot2.9 billionUnited States
    863Li Hongxin2.89 billionChina
    864Trevor Rees-Jones2.89 billionUnited States
    865Jeff Rothschild2.89 billionUnited States
    866Charles Cohen2.89 billionUnited States
    867Anil Agarwal2.89 billionIndia
    868Mary Alice Dorrance Malone2.89 billionUnited States
    869Yu Huijiao2.88 billionChina
    870Michael Rubin2.88 billionUnited States
    871Li Liufa2.87 billionChina
    872Shyam & Hari Bhartia2.87 billionIndia
    873Michael Minhong Yu2.87 billionChina
    874J. Joe Ricketts2.87 billionUnited States
    875Kong Jian Min2.86 billionChina
    876Pan Sutong2.86 billionHong Kong
    877Wu Shaoxun2.85 billionChina
    878Edward Johnson IV2.85 billionUnited States
    879Josephine Louis & family2.85 billionUnited States
    880Park Yeon-Cha2.84 billionSouth Korea
    881Lv Jianming2.84 billionHong Kong
    882Cao Ji2.84 billionChina
    883Franco Bittar Garcia2.83 billionBrazil
    884Tom Morris2.83 billionUnited Kingdom
    885Gil Shwed2.83 billionIsrael
    886Ennio Doris2.82 billionItaly
    887Jay Robert (JB) Pritzker2.82 billionUnited States
    888Herbert Louis2.82 billionUnited States
    889Niraj Shah2.82 billionUnited States
    890Jay Paul2.81 billionUnited States
    891Matt molding2.81 billionUnited Kingdom
    892Steve Conine2.8 billionUnited States
    893Jiang Weiping2.8 billionChina
    894Pavel Durov2.8 billionRussia
    895Chuchat & Daonapa Petaumpai2.8 billionThailand
    896Mark Shoen2.8 billionUnited States
    897Elizabeth Johnson2.79 billionUnited States
    898Stephen Rubin2.79 billionUnited Kingdom
    899Peter Kellogg2.79 billionUnited States
    900Bernard Ecclestone2.78 billionUnited Kingdom
    901Lynn Schusterman2.78 billionUnited States
    902John Middleton2.78 billionUnited States
    903Paolo & Gianfelice Mario Rocca2.78 billionItaly
    904Maria-Elisabeth Schaeffler-Thumann2.78 billionGermany
    905Arturo Moreno2.78 billionUnited States
    906Zygmunt Solorz-Zak2.77 billionPoland
    907Yitzhak Tshuva2.77 billionIsrael
    908Jim Davis2.77 billionUnited States
    909Richard White2.77 billionAustralia
    910PV Ramprasad Reddy2.77 billionIndia
    911Daniel Kretinsky2.76 billionCzech Republic
    912Senapathy Gopalakrishnan2.75 billionIndia
    913Xu Jinfu2.75 billionChina
    914Hu Kun2.75 billionChina
    915Martin Ebner2.75 billionSwitzerland
    916Aerin Lauder Zinterhofer2.75 billionUnited States
    917Ji Qi2.75 billionChina
    918Richard Tsai2.75 billionTaiwan
    919Alejandro Santo Domingo2.75 billionUnited States
    920Somphote Ahunai2.74 billionThailand
    921Vinod & Anil Rai Gupta & family2.74 billionIndia
    922Zhou Jianping2.74 billionChina
    923Barry starlight2.74 billionUnited States
    924Juan Abello2.74 billionSpain
    925JB Pritzker2.73 billionUnited States
    926Chuchat Petaumpai & Daonapa Petampai2.73 billionThailand
    927Lucio Tan2.73 billionPhilippines
    928Qi Xiangdong2.73 billionChina
    929Andres Santo Domingo2.73 billionUnited States
    930David Filo2.73 billionUnited States
    931Chi Yufeng2.72 billionChina
    932Heidi Horten2.71 billionAustria
    933Maja Oeri2.71 billionSwitzerland
    934Klaus-Peter Schulenberg2.71 billionGermany
    935Jerry Speyer2,71 MilliardenVereinigte Staaten
    936Tahir2,71 MilliardenIndonesien
    937Micree Zhan2,7 MilliardenChina
    938Christian Haub2,7 MilliardenDeutschland
    939Hans Peter Wild2,7 MilliardenSchweiz
    940Alexander Skorobogatko2,7 MilliardenRussland
    941Alexander Ponomarenko2,7 MilliardenRussland
    942Austin Russell2,7 MilliardenVereinigte Staaten
    943Thomas Secunda2,69 MilliardenVereinigte Staaten
    944Chad Richison2,69 MilliardenVereinigte Staaten
    945John Arnold2,69 MilliardenVereinigte Staaten
    946Zhang Xin2,69 MilliardenChina
    947Nie Tengyun2,69 MilliardenChina
    948Neal Blue & family2,68 MilliardenVereinigte Staaten
    949Fiona Geminder2,68 MilliardenAustralien
    950Gayle Benson2,67 MilliardenVereinigte Staaten
    951Arthur Irving2,67 MilliardenKanada
    952Remo Ruffini2,67 MilliardenItalien
    953Zhu Xingming2,66 MilliardenChina
    954Denise York2,66 MilliardenVereinigte Staaten
    955Tsai Hong-tu2,65 MilliardenTaiwan
    956John Sall2,65 MilliardenVereinigte Staaten
    957Friede Springer2,65 MilliardenDeutschland
    958Daniel Och2,65 MilliardenVereinigte Staaten
    959Thai Lee2,65 MilliardenVereinigte Staaten
    960Lim Sung-Ki2,65 MilliardenSüdkorea
    961Archie Aldis Emmerson2,65 MilliardenVereinigte Staaten
    962Rakesh Jhunjhunwala2,64 MilliardenIndien
    963Angela Leong2,64 MilliardenHongkong
    964Erwin Franz Mueller2,64 MilliardenDeutschland
    965Charles Edelstenne2,64 MilliardenFrankreich
    966Don Hankey2,64 MilliardenVereinigte Staaten
    967Nick Caporella2,63 MilliardenVereinigte Staaten
    968Franziska Wuerbser & Gabriella Meister2,62 MilliardenDeutschland
    969William Conway, Jr.2,62 MilliardenVereinigte Staaten
    970Hans Langer2,62 MilliardenDeutschland
    971Horst Paulmann2,62 MilliardenChile
    972Zhan Micree2,62 MilliardenChina
    973Bernard Saul, II.2,61 MilliardenVereinigte Staaten
    974Patrick Collison2,61 MilliardenIrland
    975John Collison2,61 MilliardenIrland
    976Naguib Sawiris2,61 MilliardenÄgypten
    977Tung Chee Chen2,61 MilliardenHongkong
    978Bai Baokun2,61 MilliardenChina
    979Gary Friedman2,61 MilliardenVereinigte Staaten
    980Ren Jianhua2,61 MilliardenChina
    981Karin Schick2,61 MilliardenDeutschland
    982Tsai Cheng-ta2,6 MilliardenTaiwan
    983Ajay Piramal2,6 MilliardenIndien
    984Ronald McAulay2,59 MilliardenHongkong
    985Valentin Gapontsev2,59 MilliardenRussland
    986Patrick Ryan2,58 MilliardenVereinigte Staaten
    987Vladimir Yevtushenkov2,58 MilliardenRussland
    988Otto Happel2,58 MilliardenDeutschland
    989Masateru Uno2,57 MilliardenJapan
    990Miguel Krigsner2,57 MilliardenBrasilien
    991Tian Ming2,56 MilliardenChina
    992Alexander Frolov2,56 MilliardenRussland
    993Xiong Wu2,55 MilliardenChina
    994Zhang Li2,55 MilliardenChina
    995Ravi Jaipuria2,55 MilliardenIndien
    996Gwendolyn Sontheim Meyer2,55 MilliardenVereinigte Staaten
    997Hans Sy2,55 MilliardenPhilippinen
    998Leonid Boguslavsky2,54 MilliardenRussland
    999Steven Klinsky2,54 MilliardenVereinigte Staaten
    1000Lai Meisong2,53 MilliardenChina

    The richest man in the world: Jeff Bezos

    Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world and also the richest person on this planet. With his company Amazon, he built an online empire that is currently unparalleled. He is still at the top of the group himself and, as the richest man in the world, is increasing the gap between him and number 2.

    The richest woman in the world: Alice Walton

    Alice Walton is the richest woman in the world. She is the youngest daughter of one of the three heirs of the late Walmart founder Sam Walton. Overall, Alice Walton holds “only” 10% of Walmart and has never been in a managerial position, but that’s enough to be listed as the richest woman in the world.

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