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    The TV Presenter Kai Pflaume Net Worth & Career

    Date of birthMay 27, 1967 (age 53)
    Born inHalle an der Saale, Germany
    marital statusmarried to Ilke Pflaume (since 1996)
    jobTV host
    children2 (Marvin, Leon)

    How rich is Kai Pflaume?

    Kai Pflaume and “Only love counts”: This format made the presenter known in Germany. Kai did not play the role of a presenter from the start but was initially seen as a TV candidate. In 1991, Pflaume appeared as a candidate for “Herzblatt,” which was still moderated by Rudi Carrell. Just two years later, his career as a presenter took off after a casting. From 1996 Kai Pflaume then moderated a large number of shows on Sat.1, including these TV hits: “Die Glücksspirale,” “Revenge is sweet,” “Stars at the limit,” and “The chance of your life.” It is not just his TV appearances that made the Bavarian by choice a millionaire. Kai Pflaume’s estimated net worth is € 9 million.

    Businessman Kai Plum

    Rather, the father of two has been investing in stocks for a long time. His training as a securities dealer did not significantly influence his career choice. However, Kai Pflaume can continue to capitalize on this knowledge privately. A resourceful businessman is one of the most famous moderators in Germany, too. In 1999, Pflaume joined a company called Promikativ GmbH as a partner. The Offenbach-based company has specialized in marketing and referring celebrities for advertising purposes. Accordingly, Kai earns face value with the advertising presence of his TV colleagues.

    The German star was not only able to monetize his talent for moderating on Sat.1. Rather, Kai Pflaume went into business for himself after completing his training. As part of this independence, the young entrepreneur not only organized events but also moderated them himself. His talent has even earned him a Bambi. The presenter received this award in 2003 for his appearance on the casting show “Star Search”.

    Excerpts from his career

    In the meantime, the multi-millionaires career is no longer limited to the Sat.1 channel. Pflaume has also already worked with Stefan Raab at ProSieben and has taken over the second “TV total Turmspringen” moderation. In the first two Wok World Championships, the moderator also guided the audience through the evening. In 2004, the German star appeared as the voice of “Frozone” in “The Incredibles.”

    Sat.1, ARD and NDR

    In 2011 he switched from Sat.1 to ARD. This was also the year in which “Only love counts” ended. RTL had previously broadcast the format from 1993 to 1994 before Sat.1 followed up. While Kai Pflaume has been ringing from station to station in his career, he has also made a stop at NDR. There he was allowed to host a new edition of the cult program “Dalli Dalli,” for example. Kai Pflaume regularly moderates programs such as “Small versus Big – The Unbelievable Duel,” “Show me your world,” “Hard to believe!”, “Goldene Henne” and “Who knows something like that?”.

    The presenter has also been awarded an extremely prestigious prize for his work at ARD. In the summer of 2013, the first broadcast a four-part report entitled “Show me your world.” This format was about young people affected by Down syndrome. As a conversation partner for these people and hosts of the format, Kai Pflaume received the Bavarian TV Prize. This man has also already received the audience Bambi, the Golden Camera, and the Golden Hen so that his career in front of the camera is on a very solid foundation.

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