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    The Net Worth of Tom Kaulitz (Tokio Hotel)

    How much money does Tom Kaulitz (Tokio Hotel) have?

    For a long time, Tom Kaulitz stood in the shadow of his twin brother Bill Kaulitz, the Tokio Hotel’s frontman. But since the love affair with Heidi Klum, the Tokio Hotel twin is constantly in the media. Above all, the age difference between the two is explosive. Tom Kaulitz is 16 years younger than Heidi Klum, and they will marry you happier than ever in August 2019 on the island of Capri. It is already the 3rd wedding for Heide. Musically, the album “Dream Machine” from 2017 only made it number 5 in the charts. With “Schrei,” “Zimmer 483,” and “Humanoid,” the Leipzig boys had previously delivered three number 1 albums in a row between 2005 and 2009. The band wanted to reinvent itself since moving to Los Angeles in 2010 didn’t seem to please the fans. In this respect, the media upturn will also please Tom. Tom Kaulitz has an estimated net worth of 20 million euros.

    But even if there is no further number 1 hit by Bill and Tom Kaulitz, the German stars’ previous fortune can be seen. So life is good in Los Angeles, a beautiful and rich city. Incidentally, the boys moved from Hamburg to LA was a calculated decision. After a stalking incident and a break-in in their old homeland, the twins, spoiled for success, had enough of Germany.

    Tom Kaulitz’s career

    As the son of the truck driver Jorg W. and mother Simone Charlotte Kaulitz, who earned her living as a painter, the boys come from quite simple backgrounds. Therefore, nobody would have dreamed that the Kaulitz boys would one day make multiple millionaires. Incidentally, Tom is the older of the two brothers. He was born 10 minutes before Bill. Perhaps it was also the parents’ separation that so welded the brothers together. After all, not all twins follow the same professional path.

    While the separation of their parents must have been very painful for the Leipzig boys at the age of just six, it was a real stroke of luck. After all, their mother’s new relationship may have inspired the boys for their later careers. After all, the new man at Simone Charlotte Kaulitz’s side and thus the brothers’ stepfather, Gordon Trümper, was himself a musician. The boys wrote their first own titles at the age of seven. Their stepfather helped Bill and Tom to their first appearances in their new home Magdeburg. Back then, today’s Tokio Hotel stars were still on the road as the duo “Black Question Mark.” They performed primarily at private parties and city festivals with their songs.

    Tokio Hotel takes off.

    In 2001 Bill and Tom Kaulitz got to know Georg Listing and Gustav Schafer. Now the subsequent band of success was complete. However, the boys first called themselves “Devilish” before moving to Tokio Hotel later were. The fact that the twins could land at the top of the charts with their first album meant the premature end of their school career for the Kaulitz brothers. In 2006 they left the Kurfürst-Joachim-Friedrich-Gymnasium, which is located in Wolmirstedt, without a degree. In 2008, however, both brothers went to school again. They did their secondary school leaving certificate at an internet school. In April 2009, they even received the “Distance Learning Youth Prize” for this achievement. This award was certainly also intended as a source of inspiration for other young people.

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