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    Trendy Wedding decorations

    The decorations for weddings are very important about the celebration of the marriage bond. The different types of wedding decorations have evolved. Despite being a reflection of the couple’s preferences, today, they are also a way of expressing to the guests their style. In 2018 what is most important is to bring joy through color. We will discuss this in detail here.

    Wedding decorations: transmit joy

    The current decorative trend is based on the use of the “ultraviolet” color combined with lilac and certain pastel shades (such as pink and some orange) in daytime events. While at night events, the ultraviolet is combined with white. Also, metallic such as silver or gold and, in the most daring cases, some dark blue shades. This indicates that most will risk adding color to convey joy and personality.

    So this year, from the bride’s bouquet to centerpieces should be colorful and vibrant. It will radically contrast with the classic decorative trend, which preferred neutral and metallic tones. The incorporation of color seeks to convey certain ease and spontaneity. And, from this mere, generate a more authentic and, above all, pleasant atmosphere.

    Spontaneity, romance, and magic in wedding decorations

    Be careful. It should be clarified that the fact that more color is incorporated into wedding decorations does not mean that the celebration will turn into a carnival. The touches of color, even if intense, will not disturb the visual balance. A good example of this can be seen at weddings where small, but very colorful floral centerpieces (in orange, yellow, purple, and purple) are placed on gold, beige, or white.

    Another good way to incorporate color, without losing subtlety and elegance,  can be done through details such as invitations, menus, napkins, and wedding favors (not all at once).

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    The “excesses” will not be completely out. Couples who decide to celebrate their wedding outdoors will be able to resort to the bohemian style in the decoration of flat surfaces (such as the gift table, for example) and add Moroccan garlands to make the atmosphere much more romantic and magical when the night falls. Late. In short, there will be no shortage of options that adapt to all tastes because this year, he says goodbye to the rigidity of the traditional concept.

    Wedding decorations: items on-trend

    Now, what elements should a wedding decoration have this year? Two stand out in particular: the watercolor details and the so-called “canvas” cakes. With both, what is sought is to preserve the air of refinement but with a fresh and attractive presentation. Watercolors can be included in textile accessories, stationery, or even in a small exhibition of paintings.

    And both the abstract and the more defined presentations will be valid (the leaf of a plant, a landscape, a portrait of the bride and groom, the silhouette of a palace, etc.). And the best thing is that the watercolors will be perfect thanks to the phenomenal touch that the canvas cake will put since regardless of its size, shape, or color, the impressive thing will come to be the illusion of a certain texture.

    Cake in wedding decorations

    As we have already noted, this year is the boom for canvas tarts. They look spectacular because they imitate various paintings (on canvas, of course) and do not include accessories such as the typical figures of the bride and groom or other ornaments, as they are striking enough in themselves.

    Some create the illusion that they are made of water and color, which will give the feeling of being very soft and delicate, while others will seem to have reliefs and textures, although they are completely smooth.

    On the other hand, the cakes can be up to three levels high. However, they will not have prominence in large sizes. Medium and small sizes will be preferred, with sides like muffins, cupcakes, and more. And when it comes to taste, chocolate will still be a favorite.

    Corners and lights

    Wedding decorations also allow the creation of “corners” or “mini atmospheres”. Whether outdoors or indoors, we will seek to create several spaces, where the bride and groom are. The purpose of these corners is to take care of the entire space and make the most of it so that the guests feel comfortable and can move around different places without feeling that they are leaving the celebration.

    The use of garlands and tassels of lights will also be used to enrich the atmosphere with light and, above all, charm. It will not be necessary to make large investments in the type of garlands. However, it will be essential to distribute them perfectly, so that they look magnificent. In this way, the photos will be better.

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