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    Trump Claims to be The Most Voted President in Office

    The President of the United States, Donald Trump, said this Saturday, 7, in his Twitter account that he had the “maximum votes for a president in office”, 71 million legal votes. Earlier, Trump again questioned the election results. “Observers were not allowed in the counting rooms. Bad things happened that our observers were not allowed to see, ”he accused. “Millions of bills were sent by people who never asked for them.

    Trump has questioned the fairness of the process since the early preliminaries pointed to Biden’s leadership in the dispute, despite not providing evidence of the charges.

    Biden was named the winner after winning in the State of Pennsylvania and adding 273 electoral delegates, exceeding the minimum of 270 representatives needed to take the Electoral College.

    The dispute in the USA is indirect, and not necessarily the candidate with the highest number of votes in the population is the winner ( understand better here ). Vote counting continues in the states of North Carolina, Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona. Of the four, Trump maintains an advantage only in North Carolina.

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