US Breaks Record and Records 121,000 New Cases of Covid-19

The country broke a record for the second consecutive day and is approaching the mark of 10 million cases of the disease.

In the midst of the presidential election, the United States registered 121,000 new cases of Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, breaking the record of daily infections, which had been registered the day before, when more than 100,000 infections were also counted. In addition to the 121,888 new cases in the same period, 1,210 deaths from the disease were recorded.

The figures were released by Johns Hopkins University, which monitors the progress of the pandemic around the world. According to the institution, with the new data, the United States reached 9,654,501 cases registered since the beginning of the pandemic, which makes the country the most affected by the disease in the world. The number of deaths, in turn, reached 235,347, the highest recorded so far.

Records were broken in the days following the presidential election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. At the moment, Biden appears with more delegates (253 x 213) and leads in key states such as Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania. However, it is not yet possible to nail the Democrat’s victory, since his advantage is small compared to the Republican.

Bismarck Lepe

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