US House of Representatives President calls Biden ‘Elected President’

Democrat Nancy Pelosi called the day ‘happy’ and said the election was a ‘life and death battle’ for the fate of US democracy

The speaker of the House of Representatives United States, Nancy Pelosi, referred to Democratic candidate Joe Biden as “elected president” during a press conference on the morning of Friday, 6, on Capitol Hill, the US government headquarters in Washington DC “The hyphen will soon go from ‘vice president’ to ‘president-elect’ Joe Biden,” said the Democrat.

She considered the day as “happy” and even played with journalists present at the place saying that she would like to see them without a mask to witness the joy. “It is a happy day for our country because Joe Biden is a unifier. He is determined to bring people together because he respects all points of view”, he said.

“President-elect Biden has a strong mandate to lead and will have a strong democratic home with him. This has been a life-and-death battle for the fate of our democracy. We didn’t win all the battles in the house, but we won the war, ‘he said, lamenting the fact that some Democratic candidates were not elected in state elections as predicted by research companies.

Even with Pelosi’s speech, the name of the new president of the United States has not yet been released. While Biden collects 253 electoral votes, Trump won 214. At least 270 electoral votes are required for a president to be considered elected. Six states have yet to release the vote count.

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