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    US Sets New Record For Covid-19 Cases; Deaths Rise Again

    The United States registered on Friday, 10, another record of new cases of Covid-19 in a single day. In all, there were 64 thousand notifications. The situation is more serious in Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California. Health officials indicated another worrying fact: the number of deaths, which had been falling, started to rise again, two weeks after the amount of contamination started to increase.

    The week closed with a daily average of 608 killed by Covid-19 in the USA – the first week of July had 471 deaths. Experts say the numbers are still far from the pandemic’s peak in mid-April when Americans reported about 2,200 deaths every 24 hours. However, the growth means the end of three months of a steady decline in the number of victims of the virus.

    “We always said that deaths would increase. This is proof,” said Peter Jay Hotez, director of the school of tropical medicine at Baylor College, Texas, a state that has seen a dramatic decrease in hospital beds since the beginning of July. Some epidemiologists say that the reduction in the number of deaths in the last three months was due to an advance in the treatment of the disease. Besides, the age group of newly infected people has dropped – and young people are more resistant.

    Even so, scientists called for caution and indicated that the first two weeks of July would be decisive in establishing a trend. “We are still waiting,” said Sean Ellis, a spokesman for the Louisiana Department of Health, who has also been recording new cases and hospitalizations.

    Coronavirus in Congress

    Yesterday, 10, Thomas Dobbs, a doctor at the Mississippi State Department of Health, said 26 congressmen, including senators and state deputies, were with Covid-19 – one in six representatives of the local legislature. Among those infected is House of Representatives President Philip Gunn and Deputy Governor Delbert Hosemann.

    With the figures released yesterday, the US has registered more than 3.2 million people infected and about 135,000 killed by coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic in late February. Anthony Fauci, a doctor who runs the White House task force against Covid-19, said again that there is no “second wave” of the country’s virus. “We didn’t even get out of the first one,” warned the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

    At the end of June, in testimony to Congress, Fauci pointed out that the US was heading for a “perfect storm” and warned that, if nothing was done, the country could reach the mark of 100,000 cases per day – a statement that the White House considered exaggerated. According to Peter Jay Hotez, the scenario no longer seems impossible to materialize after the disaster of the last few days. “We are approaching the apocalypse predicted by Fauci,” he said.

    Trump re-election

    The pandemic has also been affecting the campaign for Donald Trump’s re-electionAccording to a survey by ABC News and the Ipsos Institute, two-thirds of Americans disapprove of the president’s response to the crisis – 67% reject Trump’s actions, while 33% approve. For the White House, the most worrying of the latest polls is that the president’s popularity has been declining among independent and Republican voters.

    Six weeks from the Republican convention, which marks the officialization of Trump’s name as a party candidate, the president’s strategists face a series of obstacles in organizing the event, which should highlight the campaign.

    Some allies complain that there is still no defined strategy to face Democrat Joe Biden. Others point to more serious problems, such as the fact that the city of Jacksonville, headquarters of the convention, is located in Florida, the epicenter of contamination in the USA. So far, at least six Republican senators have said they will not attend the event, which is in danger of being emptied.

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