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    Benefits Of Using A VPN When Browsing The Internet

    Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, are much more than a corporate luxury or a rarity for those who use the Internet professionally today. A VPN is, in fact, one of the best tools for browsing safely and anonymously.

    But why doesn’t everyone have a VPN? In Colombia, occasionally, they are not very popular for private use, mainly due to their high cost. But also, because there is little knowledge of the advantages and benefits that they bring to ordinary users, who use the Internet to make bank transactions, watch streaming movies or download content in general. Let’s see below the benefits of using one when browsing the Internet.

    Browse anonymously

    As they explain in VPN what it is, “a VPN increases privacy. In this way, whether the user uses a common browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, it will identify that user with another IP, different from that of the user’s Internet provider. This ensures complete anonymity for those who are concerned about the registration of their data on the Internet.

    A VPN normally encrypts the connection data

    Another benefit is data encryption. Although it will depend on the service you choose, most VPNs come with encrypted code in the data packets they transmit to communicate on the Internet. In this way, if you are connected from a public network, it is recommended to use it to protect the data you share.

    Something very comfortable and beneficial, for example, to make transactions on the Internet. Although most websites offer encrypted transactions, a VPN offers greater security by encrypting the connection itself and protecting the data you share on the web. Today in Colombia, online sales went from 6 per cent to 30 per cent after the health emergency, making many users feel more vulnerable. A VPN may seem like a radical and inexpensive solution to security, but in some cases, it is necessary, especially for those who constantly exchange sensitive data on the Internet.

    Access content from other countries

    There are not a few Internet users who search for content from other countries on streaming platforms such as Netflix. For these types of needs, Netflix VPNs offer a great solution, since they can cross the firewalls of most of the streaming platforms available to view content. Not all of them work, of course.

    But those that do will allow a user connected to a VPN from Colombia, even if physically in Spain, to access the content that Netflix or other platforms offer in our country. Although it is a fact that it is difficult to find one for Colombia, some providers, such as ExpressVPN, have servers available and offer connections from our country.

    The opposite case is more than possible. If the goal is to connect to the Internet from the United States or other countries in Europe, this alternative is the best answer for constant travellers or immigrants. They want to access content from their countries.

    Protect your browsing and data from the cell phone

    Something perhaps not very mentioned is the possibility of when paying for a VPN service, using it in multiple devices. Cell phones are the devices in which most people spend the most time and where we store the most information. It is easy to forget; however, how vulnerable they are.

    Many of the VPNs offer the possibility of installing applications directly on the cell phone or tablet. In this way, the connection will be secure, not only from the computer but also on your mobile devices. Your data will be private, and they will use a different IP also from the cell phone if you wish.

    This, we could say, is one of the best benefits when acquiring a VPN service, since the cost is greatly reduced if we compare it with the possibility of using it on multiple devices and even simultaneously.

    How much can a VPN cost

    The cost of a VPN depends on the service to choose. There are different types, and for all budgets, although of course, the differences between them are marked. Generally, the most efficient and costly, covering multiple countries and capable of bypassing Netflix firewalls, are the most expensive. There are, however, other options, even free, that may ‘trick’ some web browsers, but no further.

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