Vin Diesel’s Net Worth & His Life

Geburtsdatum18. Juli 1967 (53 Jahre alt)
Geboren inNew York City, New York, USA
Familienstandliiert mit Paloma Jiménez
BerufSchauspieler, Produzent, Regisseur
Voller NameMark Sinclair Vincent
Kinder3 (Hania, Vincent, Pauline)
Größe1.82 m
Gewicht102 kg

How Rich is Vin Diesel?

Vin Diesel, who is actually called Mark Sinclair Vincent in real life, was able to make a name for himself as a great Hollywood actor and benefited financially from his numerous film successes. The bald head of character Vin Diesel has a fortune of 152 million euros. His income naturally depends on what kind of project the American is currently involved in. In 2014, his income should have been the equivalent of a good 23.75 million euros. In 2015 this number rose to 44.65 million euros. In 2015, Vin Diesel was one of the top 20 highest-paid actors of the year, according to the Huffington Post. The “Fast and Furious” film series, in particular, has poured a fortune into Vin Diesel’s coffers. In 2016, Vin Diesel had an income of 33 million euros, according to Forbes.

Incidentally, the wages of millions that the film hero now earns cannot be compared to Vin Diesel’s entire first film production cost. The first film in which Vin Diesel was not only seen but which he also wrote and produced himself was ” Multi-Facial. ” At the time, Vin was just 26 years old, and the film, which was shot in three days and shown at the Cannes Film Festival a year later, cost him only 2,850 euros.

For his second film, the budget was much larger. Vin Diesel was able to collect 47,500 euros from investors for this project. His call center experience was certainly a great help in convincing investors of his idea for the film “Strays.” But Vin Diesel doesn’t just know how to deal with money. Rather, he knows how to steer his popularity in the right direction skillfully. It is not for nothing that the American is the second most fans on Facebook after Will Smith.

Vin Diesel and The Fast & The Furious

We’re talking about one of the most successful series of films of all time. It ranks 7th in the most successful film series of all time. The Fast & The Furious means translated the fast and the wild. An action film where there is plenty of space for cars and related tuning and road racing. The first part appeared in 2001, there are now eight parts. The last part so far, Fast & Furious 8, came to German cinemas on April 13, 2017. Vin Diesel’s friend & co-star  Paul Walker died in a car accident in November 2013. The duo Vin and Paul took the fans’ hearts by storm, which is why the tragic accident hurt all the more. Fast & Furious 7 also covered the death of Paul Walker. An emotional film with moving moments that also makes you think. The seventh part of the film series was, within a short time, the financially most successful part of the series and one of the most successful cinema films worldwide. The gross profit was $ 1.5 billion. The film series brought in a total of 3.9 billion US dollars. Two more parts are still to follow, in April 2019 and 2021. Since Fast 5, The Rock has also been an integral part of the series and cannot be imagined without it.

Exciting facts about Vin Diesel’s life

Vin Diesel’s life is full of exciting anecdotes. For example, the American has a twin brother named Paul, who does not enjoy being in public. Incidentally, Mark Sinclair Vincent does not know his birth father. However, we know from his mother that she is of British, Scottish, and German descent. His mother and his African-American stepfather raised the American. The actor with the impressive stage name came into contact with different cultures at an early age. Vin Diesel first appeared on stage at the age of seven. However, much more exciting are the circumstances how Vin was able to land his first acting role at a young age.

At that time, Vin, his brother, and some of their friends broke into the theater to let off steam and cause unrest. However, they were caught doing this. Instead of calling the police about the vandalism, the theater director offered the boys a role in his play. Only life writes such stories. The rough voice has been one of the actor’s trademarks since the age of 15. After his voice broke, Vin was valued as a teenager as much older, at least on the phone for the next few years, from which he repeatedly benefited. The Hollywood star took on the nickname and later stage name “Vin Diesel” at the age of 17. At that time, he was working as a bouncer in a club in New York.

The actor in private

Even if Vin Diesel could benefit from his film successes mainly financially, he prefers to keep his private life a secret. The star is not married to his three children’s mother – Paloma Jimenez, whom he met while filming. His career as a director and screenwriter was short-lived, with only two films. As a producer, however, Vin Diesel could participate in eleven projects up to 2017 alone. Most of the time, he was seen as an actor. Hollywood takes Vin Diesel’s talents seriously!

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