150,000 Votes Were Received After Elections in The United States

Since postal voting was much more used by Democrats than Republicans, ballots are more likely to be in favor of Joe Biden; Donald Trump considers these votes ‘illegal’

The United States received 150,000 votes sent by mail throughout Wednesday (4), one day after the polls closed. The expectation is that this number will continue to grow since the postal service is still receiving votes cast from a distance. Since about 120,000 ballots correspond to states where the American press has yet to project a winner, they can determine whether the next president will be Democrat Joe Biden or Republican Donald Trump.

However, not all of them will count. The rule states that votes must have been sent by November 3, the official election day. Thus, the state of Nevada will count 4,518 ballots received during Wednesday, while Pennsylvania will consider 3,439 and North Carolina, 2 958. Georgia, where the count also continues, will not take advantage of any of the 864 votes that received in that period.

Since voting by mail was much more used by Democrats than Republicans, votes that have not yet been counted are more likely to be in favor of Joe Biden. So far, Donald Trump’s campaign has appealed for requests to recount votes or suspend counting in at least four U.S. states: Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. In his speech made on Thursday night (5), the president even said that the votes sent by mail were “illegal” and that he would easily win the election if it were not for them.

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