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    10 Ways to attract coworking members with content Marketing

    Getting users to your coworking space involves building trust, providing the best of the deals for your clients, and getting the news into the public. 

    And, nothing other than content marketing can help you in this regard. Content marketing includes the articles, blog posts, social media posts, etc that you make use of in your website and social media handles. 

    Making the right and efficient usage of content marketing can bring in more audience and clients as it will help you be a source of information and trustable facts in a community.

    Still, there is no cookie-cutter formula for content marketing strategies for bringing clients to your coworking space. The strategies must be altered according to the target audience, the product that you deliver to them. Patience is the key as the results cannot be promised overnight. 

    Content marketing involves a lot of factors and giving the right importance to the right factors can put you first when someone searches for example, “the best co-working space in Pune”. 

    Here are a few strategies that might seem to work always without fail

    1. Your blog on your website

    Have a blog on your website. For your coworking space, have blogs that explain in detail about the tips and tricks that one can use in this field. 

    There can be long, ultimate articles that will contain a lot of information regarding a specific topic. It can be subtly marketed too. Make sure that the articles are based on the coworking spaces.

    List articles, with numbered headings, will attract more readers! Evergreen content that is relevant at times irrespective of time will always stay on your page, attracting traffic. 

    Being a trustable information hub in the domain of work will give more importance to your website and also, a trust factor among potential leads.

    2. Google My Business

    Your website and Google My Business are two important factors that you will need to ace in the game of coworking spaces. It will help your users know about you in specific.


    For anyone who needs a Coworking in HSR Layout will google the same and a lot of searches will appear. You having a proper website, and a filled GMB will help you stand out from others with the information panel. 

    3. Making use of the current community

    When you have a community within your coworking space, make maximum use of the same. Whenever a new member joins your team, make posts about their journey so far. 

    Tell the tales of triumphs, new ideas, recognitions of your community, the users of your coworking space and get it circulated among the people to attract more people outside your community to be part of you.

    It can be social media posts, weekly update blogs, or podcast guests or anything of that sort that will give you more and a new audience.   

    4. Finding your right trait

    There are possibly a lot of coworking spaces coming up these days due to the immense advantages everyone sees in these coworking spaces other than traditional offices or a cafe. 

    So, it can become a bit hard to get more audience, unless you can identify the unique factor that differentiates you from other spaces. 


    It can be a special offer for the Android developers or a free snack for everyone but do find what makes you different from others.

    Glorify what you have found in social media posts and update blogs. Give importance to the values, missions, goals etc of your coworking space.

    5. Social media is a big tool

    Social media platforms will help you to a great extent in flaunting the services that you provide and the facilities of your space.

    Post pictures of your space with people in it, showing a normal working day. This will help people understand what perks they can be expecting when they make use of your coworking space.

    Make sure that you come up with the content that you create. The personal flavour to the social media posts will add more to the audience.

    Storytelling is an efficient tool to grab the audience. With the right way, you can get people to read your words in more detail and for a long time. Try to converse the story behind what you are as of now. 

    6. Email newsletters

    Having people, with permissions given to contact them is a great start and this will help you keep them in the loop with your updates.

    Create efficient content that will not put you on a block list and keep circulating them via your E-mail listing. The E-Mail must be engaging with a call to the action specified. 

    7. Adding testimonials to the website

    Nothing can beat the authenticity that a true testimonial can provide to a new potential lead. Testimonials provide this purpose on point.

    Add videos on your website and social media posts too. You can keep tagging and inking their successful stories, the posts that you write about them, etc which will give more internal linking.  

    8. Search Engine Optimization

    Content marketing and publicity come hand in hand when SEO is the key dictator. Try different methods in SEO to get more audience and more listeners.

    Use guest blogging to get outbound links. Add links to the internal posts in your webpage and other content. 

    Make the content keyword-oriented and make the website content easily understandable for people. Do not forget about the people who read the content when focusing on the algorithms. 

    9. Connecting with the competitors

    This might seem a pretty hard task for you, but try to maintain a relationship with your competitors too. There are platforms that bring together coworking spaces under a single roof. 

    Talk to other spaces, and get to know about their services and the issues they are facing. Also, take the lead in voicing out the problems and issues that you face. 

    10. Organizing events in your niche

    Organizing events in your coworking spaces is one of the best methods to get to know about the other coworkers and the chance to let others know of what you are capable of.

    This will impart knowledge about your coworking space, know more about the purpose of the event, and likely.

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