7 Ways to Keep Your Apartment Clean Without Even Trying

7 Ways to Keep Your Apartment Clean Without Even Trying

With a jam-packed work schedule and squishing a little self-care time, do you have time to clean your apartment? Indeed, for some busy bees, they don’t. Home cleaning is one of the most tedious chores. They are sometimes overwhelming and never-ending. You need to clean up the mess now and then, yet it feels like a disaster once again. That’s why it is essential to know how to keep your apartment clean without even trying to put the eternal cycle to an end.

We want you to enjoy your place without getting stressed on how to keep it clean.  You can deep clean your apartment once in a while, but here are some ways to stay away from the mess with only minimal effort required.

Minimalist Design for Apartment

First, how you set up your apartment can affect how you can clean and organize them easily. Always keep the floors open and do not store things that are nonsense everywhere. Instead, keep them organized in one place, and declutter every once in a while.

Install “Catch-All” by the Door

When we go home after work, we have coats, shoes, bags, and keys. If you have an installed “catch-all,” you can store them easily. You will develop the habit of keeping essentials organized in one place. Also, it prevents keys, bags, coats from sprawling messily across your home.

Clean Necessary Little Things Every Day

You do not have to do a deep clean every day. It is fine to do deep cleaning once a week or once every two weeks and with a maid service.

Instead, try to do little housework each day to prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed. For example, wash the dishes every after a meal or do a quick vacuum on Mondays and Wednesdays. When you do these manageable chores, it will become a part of your everyday routine, and you will not feel exhausted doing them.

Assign a Place for Everything

Everything has a designated place for them. You can make your house look tidy by putting them in a place where they are easy to reach and organized to look. Determine where you can keep phone chargers, remotes, books, and mugs. When they have an assigned place, always put them back after use. It is a simple habit that will help you keep things in place and avoid getting out of control.

Think Before Buying Things

Who can’t fall in love with home decors? I’m sure you have fallen in love with them as you pass by furniture stores. But will you use them? Ensure that you are not buying stuff only to pile them in your apartment. Ask yourself whether the things you are about to buy will help you improve life in some way. Do not get it because it is cute or on sale.

Declutter and Donate

Don’t you think it is cheating to steer clear the things by hiding them inside the closet to call your apartment “clean”? Although you should keep most things out of sight, do not randomly place every nonsense things behind doors. Clutter begets clutter. That’s why it is a must to keep surfaces clear.

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Set a schedule on the weekends to go through your belongings and sort them by three categories– keep, dispose, donate. Things that are broken or worn out have to go; those you haven’t used for months but are working properly can go to goodwill and put the items you still need at their designated places.

Outsource Laundry

Hectic schedules make our laundry pile uncontrollable, and as much as you want to do the laundry every day, you have more important things to catch up. In the meantime, sort your dirty clothes every time you take them off.

Who wants to do a big pile of laundry at the end of the week? No one does. Instead, take the day to rest and outsource the laundry. You can drop off at a laundromat near you or call the shop for laundry pickup and delivery. That way, your clothes are already taken care of by experts.

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