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    What Is A Backup?

    In computing, a backup  (from English:  back up, “backup”, “reinforcement”), backup, backup or reserve copy is understood to be a copy of the original data of an information system or of a set of software ( files, documents, etc.) that is stored in a safe place or a secure region of the system memory, to be able to have your information available again if any eventuality, accident or disaster occurs and causes your system loss. In other words, it is a copy just in case that is usually updated every so often as a security measure.

    Computer systems today can be the victim of various types of damage: remote attacks by hackers or computer viruses, physical destruction of storage media, and even accidental deletion by an authorized user. In these cases, backup is used manually or automatically to restore lost information, thus minimizing losses in data or information.

    These data losses are really common: 66% of Internet users have experienced them, which is why it is very common to have backups in different formats: hard disk sectors, removable storage devices or even in the same cloud, that is, on Internet servers. This form of prevention is recommended in all digital prevention rules, and large companies invest part of their budget and their data storage capacity in backing up their most important and confidential information.

    How to make an effective back?

    To perform a backup, the following steps are usually followed:

    • Selection. Of the key material to back up: irreplaceable information, of great economic value, etc.
    • Storage. In a secure system, according to the possibilities of the individual or the organization. If possible, you should do a local backup (your own) and an external backup (in another company or service ) that is convenient.
    • Upgrade. From the backup taking into account the modified data of the information to be saved and the frequency with which it is modified, so that the backup is always as up-to-date as possible and the loss of information is minimized.

    There are numerous programs, pages, companies, and services online that offer data backup and recovery plans. The IT security sector is, in an increasingly digitized world, a continuously growing IT area.

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