What Is Source Code, Concept & Uses

Source Code

What is the source code?

In computer science, source code is called the set of lines of text that express, in a certain programming language, the steps that the computer must follow for the correct execution of a specific program. These are the instructions that the original programmer of the software compiled so that they could be transmitted to a computer system and interpreted accurately and on time.

The source code is usually visible during some specific operations of the software. Still, its instructions will be incomprehensible except for those who handle the specific language in which it was programmed. This also happens with web pages and other software components, web-programmed languages (like HTML or JavaScript), and then executed or interpreted through the window of the browser of the Internet.

The area of computing dedicated to creating these source codes is software engineering, dedicated to creating computer programs. Furthermore, said creativity is supported by copyright laws, in the sense that the source code is the work and exclusive creation of its programmers, unalterable and irreproducible by third parties, as well as the content of a literary work.

Open Source

There are programs not guided by the guidelines of the authorial rights concerning its source code, allowing users to modify it, editing it, and sharing it more or less freely, forming a kind of community of users specialized. These programs are called “open source” since anyone can intervene in their essential instructions and create their own or individual versions of the original program, called “distributions.” Examples of such software are Unix and Linux operating programs, among many others.

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