What is the Best age For Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Are you trying to decide whether to get breast augmentation surgery? The decision to enlarge your breasts is an important one. That’s because of the impact it can have on your mental and physical health. 

In 2019, there were 299,715 breast augmentation procedures in the United States. This was a four percent decrease from the year before but it is still the most popular plastic surgery.

Read on to learn the best age for breast augmentation surgery and how to know the time is right for your procedure!

There’s No Magic Number 

The truth is that there is that if you are wondering about the perfect age, the answer is that there isn’t a magic number. While some women wait until late in life to visit a plastic surgeon, others want larger breasts at a younger age. 

The most important thing is to avoid surgery before you finish puberty. If you do it sooner than that, you risk making premature changes to your body. It’s best to wait until your body is past the development stage.

Understanding Mental Preparation

While there’s not a magic age for the procedure, you need to ensure that you are mentally prepared for what lies ahead. You may be excited about how you will look with larger breasts, but the procedure and recovery is a bit of a process. 

The average breast augmentation recovery time is six weeks but this can vary from person to person depending on their age and other health factors. Most procedures are completed without issue but you need to be prepared for uncertainty in the event you have a longer road to recovery. 

Learning About Physical Changes 

Women across the United States have breast augmentation surgery from Associates in Plastic Surgery but each patient must consider how physical changes will impact their life. 

Each person has their own individual reason for why they are enlarging their breasts. Some women want a more full figure while others may feel it will help them receive more attention from the opposite sex. 

Whatever your reason is for wanting a breast augmentation, take some time to consider how those physical changes will affect you. How will your activities of daily life become easier or more difficult? Do the pros outweigh the cons for your specific situation? 

The answer to these questions helps you have a more realistic look at how changes to your physical appearance will impact you in other ways. 

The Decision to Undergo Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular procedures in the country. Don’t let its popularity keep you from taking an honest look at how it may change your life. 

Take the time to consider the good and bad aspects of this important surgery. This will help you be more confident you are making the right decision at any age.

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