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    What is The Significance of Career Development?

    Career development is becoming an important part of organizations and firms, and employees are also concerned about it. Most of the companies are working to create career development programs for their workers while some have successfully generated such programs and are getting benefits out of them. 

    Most of the companies have developed career development programs for their workforce because they know that it is not only helpful for the individuals but is also important for the betterment of the organization as a whole.

    It is necessary to adopt the best career development programs because these assist in adapting to the ever-changing trends in the job industry. These also aid to fulfil the need for manpower. Career development is becoming an essential part of the business industry because it helps to solve different issues faced by the owners.

    Stages of Career Development

    There are five different stages of career development for an individual working in any organization.

    Stage 1: Growth

    This stage starts from the beginning of life to the time when a person gets 14 years old. It is the time in which a child begins to develop the concept of self-being. The child gets to know about his needs, demands, and responsibilities. He begins to develop attitudes and gets to know about the importance of work in this world.

    It is the period in which he learns to relate to the people around him. He comes to know about his true self and is aware of hindrances and obstacles that might be challenging for him in his career. According to theory, this is the stage of ultimate growth as growth is all about accepting oneself with flaws and limitations. 

    Stage 2: Establishment

    This period begins at the age of fifteen years and ends at twenty-four. It is the time when an individual starts to search for work. This phase includes his first job and acceptance or rejection by his peers. The person continues to work and learns lifetime experiences.

     This stage usually begins when the person is unknown to the job industry and is uncertain and anxious. It is all about taking risks and observing them whether they are effective or not.

    It also includes mistakes and their outcomes. As it is the beginning of the career, so the individual in this phase knows that it is not the peak of his productivity, and he sets up goals to reach a high status.

    Stage 3: Mid-Career

    This stage covers the age of twenty-five to forty-four years old. This is the age when the responsibilities are increased, so the individual starts to get serious. He is overpowered with determination and motivation and focuses on his work with full concentration and devotion.

    He starts to look for better opportunities and tries to look for more work that can help him in having a sustainable and luxurious life. By this time, he gets to know about his skills and potentials and can make a final decision about his destination. 

    If he gets to know that he is following the right path, he works hard to maintain his position and secures it with even greater effort. As he is going towards development, so there are challenges as well as competition along the way. He, therefore, works with his potentials to firmly hold his position. 

    Once he gets the opportunity to work for the position he so dearly desires, he gets into it and works with more passion and zeal. He becomes enthusiastic and learns new skills and techniques for his improvement.

    Stage 4: Late Career

    It is the stage that covers the lifespan starting from forty-five years of age to sixty-four years old person. It is the stage of maintenance and helps those individuals grow with greater speed who have worked well in their mid-career.

    The late-career stage is the time in which a person can relax and enjoy a life that he has dreamed of. It is a pleasant time that makes a person gain respect from the workers working under his control. It is the stage in which the person makes his younger employees learn from his experience. 

    Stage 5: Decline

    This phase is of sixty-five years and above. At this point, the person is ready to retire and has to leave his workplace completely. It is a tough and emotional time for any person as he has dedicated the most precious years of his life for the betterment of the organization.

     He got flashbacks of the time when he started and the challenges and hard times through which he went through to achieve his goals. He starts to pay attention only to the essential elements of life and is not interested in the activities which were so important for him in the past years. 

    At this stage, the person gains peace and is no longer the part of any competition as he knows that it is beyond his limits now. It is a matter of fact that at this age, the individual who has worked a lot in the past becomes slow and weak and is no longer able to work with great energy.

    The career development programs are established to hold human assets. Human assets include hardworking and determined workers.  These programs aid employees in boosting their skills in current positions, negotiating organizational ladders, achieving personal perceptions into their vigour and stability. 

    These programs are aimed to fulfil development requirements and help to sharpen their potentials for career advancement when the opportunities are available.

    Most of the individuals are not able to find fulfilment because they do not pay attention to human development. It is important to consider human development, and one must play his role in this matter.

    Sometimes the people pay equal attention to everything and maintain a balance in their lives. This helps them to make their lives and career go side by side. This enables them to move forward and achieve their goals.

    Successful career development is the one in which an individual is sure about his goals and plans. Career development is one of the basic and necessary elements in the overall development of human beings.

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