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    What to Look for in a Good Pre-School or Nursery

    Choosing a pre-school or nursery program for your child can be an overwhelming decision to make. Many parents have a hard time deciding because they understandably want the best for their children. 

    To help make an informed decision, we compiled the most important qualities that a good early childhood learning center should have. 

    1. Child-Friendly Facilities

    When choosing a pre-school learning centre, the campus plays an important role in your selection. You want a place for your child to learn and be kept safe at the same time.

    Your child’s health and safety are of utmost importance and should also be at your kid’s school. Ensure that the school facilities are updated and that the teachers and school staff are well-versed and trained in executing safety measures. 

    Also, notice the classroom facilities. Look for tools and gadgets that are meant to assist kids’ learning. Also, look for outdoor areas, like gardens and playgrounds, where your children can explore the natural world.

    2. A Welcoming Environment

    A pre-school or nursery is usually a child’s first experience away from home and their parents’ care. It is important that you feel comfortable and confident with the classroom teachers.

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    Visit the centre while classes are going on, so you can witness firsthand how the teachers handle their pupils and how the school operates as a whole. Notice how the teachers interact with their students and how students are when around their teacher.

    3. Active Learning

    Young kids learn best through experience and discovery, which is commonly called “active learning.”

    Lots of time for arts and crafts, dance, music, reading and outdoor play is important for young children’s development. Also, plenty of time to explore and learn things through experiences promotes your child’s curiosity, teaches problem-solving skills and develops pre-academic skills like colour recognition, counting numbers and building their motor skills.  

    4. Passionate Teachers

    Passionate, child-friendly and qualified teachers play an important role in children’s development.

    While it is given that you must work with professionally qualified faculty staff, passion is not easy to identify. When visiting schools, keep an eye on the educators. Do they speak respectfully and kindly to the children? These are the teachers who you know will do everything they can to keep their students healthy and happy throughout the learning process.

    Other key qualities that a great teacher must exhibit are:

    • Enthusiasm
    • Creativity
    • Sense of Humour
    • Great Communication Skills
    • Warm Personality
    • Experience and Dedication

    5. A Solid Reputation

    Many parents trust what other people highly recommend. Hearing from family and friends about great experiences in an early childhood learning center is a good way to start your search. You may also want to check out forums and social media groups geared towards young children’s education.

    Also, it’s worth asking people about school response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Ask how the school organized their classes, if the parents feel comfortable and safe with their kids being in school, is safe distancing practised inside the classrooms, and what the school’s plan is for the year ahead. 

    Your toddler’s early childhood learning is the foundation of their educational journey. It is critical to find the best centre to encourage them to enjoy school and fun and interactive learning.

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