Why Does The Hair Fall Out Of The Eyebrows?


Have you ever wondered why the hair falls out of the eyebrows? The eyebrows are the area covered with hair that is located about two centimeters from the eyes. They serve as protection for the eyes since they prevent fluids such as sweat or water from entering. Along with the eyelashes, they are an effective mechanism to prevent harmful agents from entering them.

Over the years, fashions have been changing the aesthetic concept of the eyebrows. In some stages, it has been a tendency to wear them very shaved or even completely hairless. In others, the most aesthetic was to carry them thick and wide.

The truth is that the hair in this area can be affected by many processes and can fall out. When this occurs, the medical term used is that of superciliary madarosis. In this article, we explain why it can happen and how to fix it.

Why does the hair fall out of the eyebrows?

The eyebrows may fall out due to injury, lack of nutrients, or aggressive treatments such as chemotherapy.

Superciliary madarosis is the excessive fall of the eyebrow hairs. It is estimated that each person has around 400 or 500 eyebrow follicles. Also, it is normal to lose around 300 eyebrow hairs a year. If there is an excessive and frequent loss, then it is classified as madarosis.

The genes determine the amount of eyebrow hair. Like the rest of the body’s hair, its growth is influenced by many factors, such as metabolism or nutrition.

Hair loss in this area may be due to a dermatological issue, such as dermatitis. Psoriasis is one of the main causes for this to occur. It is a chronic disease that consists of the appearance of scaly plaques on the skin.

Any assault, such as a burn, wound, or scar, can cause hair to fall out or not grow in this area. The same occurs with treatments such as radiotherapy, which, if applied in this area, very often causes it.

Chemotherapy also means, in many cases, that the hair of the entire body is weakened and falls out. Also, we must emphasize that anxiety or stress states are largely related to hair loss.

What other diseases can cause it?

In ancient times, when there were no effective treatments for hypothyroidism, it was common to find people with this pathology who barely had eyebrow hair. It is one of the diseases that are related to hair loss in this area.

Another cause for this to occur is alopecia areata. It is a disease that consists of the hair falling out, forming circles of bald spots. On the other hand, pathologies such as lupus, syphilis, or leprosy can cause it.

What can be done to repopulate the eyebrows?

Currently, there are several treatment options in case of eyebrow droop. However, it is advisable to consult with the dermatologist before choosing one option or another.

When eyebrow hair loss is observed, the most important thing is to see a doctor or dermatologist. The cause must be studied to establish a correct and effective treatment.

First, certain medications stimulate hair growth, such as minoxidil or prostaglandin analogs. They are the most used in cases of alopecia.

On the other hand, many cosmetic treatments allow complementing these therapies while waiting for the result. For example, micro-pigmentation or tattooing of the eyebrows. They help to fill in the areas where the hair has not recovered.

In some cases, eyebrow transplants can even be performed. It consists of grafting hair from another part of the body in this area. It is more complex, but it is a permanent solution, especially when other treatments have failed.

We must remember that the loss of the eyebrows’ hair can be due to numerous reasons. Therefore, it is essential to go to a specialist since the cause may be some disease or infection elsewhere.

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