Why Should You Hire an Arborist and How to Select the Best?


The reasons why? Arborist and tree service companies across the country pay some of the highest workers’ compensation rates. An employee leasing company buys workers’ compensation for thousands of employees, which reduces the overall rate compared to purchasing an individual policy. 

Those who own a successful tree service business are smart, tough, patient, hard-working, multi-tasking individuals who are used to improvising on a moment’s notice. Those who aren’t all those things probably aren’t very successful at owning and managing a tree service business.

In a highly competitive, dangerous profession that can sometimes feel like an endless Easter egg hunt for quality employees, dealing with payroll and insurance issues is just a frustrating (but necessary) waste of time. What continues to separate the profitable, successful tree service companies from the rest is the use of an employee leasing company.

While a rate reduction has little effect on a clerical employee, there can be dramatic differences in the costs for employers in the tree service business. For example, let’s say you own a small tree service business in Georgia. You have five employees with an annual payroll of $130,000. The state rate for climbers and ground employees is $39.28 per hundred dollars in payroll. This would make your annual premium $51,064.

Benefits of Employee Leasing Company

An employee leasing company specializing in the tree service industry could save your business up to 20% off the state rate. The annual premium would be a dramatic reduction at $40,846 – an annual savings of over $10,000. Some of the other benefits employers receive are no down payments or deposits and no annual expense constant (money that goes to the state).

An employee leasing company will allow you to concentrate on building and expanding your business while controlling your administrative costs. How much your company saves depends on your current situation. The benefits of an employee leasing company in the tree service industry enable small business owners to outbid and outwork their competition.

When you’re ready to obtain multiple employee leasing quotes for your business, let us do the work for you. With over 1000 PEO/employee leasing companies serving different service markets, states, and industries, there may be only a handful that truly fits your small business’s needs.

Save Time & Money

The power of multiple employee leasing companies competing for your tree service business saves you time and money! Our price and service guarantee eliminates the hassle of interviewing endless salespeople. There are a few urban myths about people whose job it is to cut down trees. Some may view them as slash and burn merchants cutting a swathe through the countryside. 

Hire Reputable & Qualified Arborist

Reputable tree surgeons such as arborist Sydney will be qualified in arboriculture. It means they are highly knowledgeable in everything to do with trees, from planting to harvest. And which invariably means they care passionately about trees and their effect on local landscapes and ecology. Some may have a background in landscape ecology and horticulture.

All of this means they are the least likely people to advocate random feelings of healthy specimens, which are a vital part of the local ecosystem. So, by buying your firewood from qualified tree surgeons, you can be sure that the logs are from a sustainable source and that there was a valid reason for the timber to be available to you as firewood.

Call the Local Authorities to Find the Best Arborist

Much timber sold as firewood by arborist has fallen or been felled because of storm damage. After high winds, trees may have fallen or come down partially, blocking roads or making electricity supplies dangerous, possibly cutting off telephones. Local authorities will have a list of qualified specialist tree professionals in their area to deal with such emergencies. 

The resulting wood is then often available for sale as logs, direct from a local, ethical supplier.

Similarly, local authorities may sometimes have to take action in the case of roadside trees, which have become dangerous through disease, threatening to fall onto roads or other areas where there is a high risk of causing injury or possibly fatalities. 

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Again, councils will call on local tree consultants’ expertise to carry out risk assessments and detailed tree reports to determine the best course of action.

Hire Arborists to Take Right Suggestions

Too, homeowners can employ tree surgeons to advise on health, care, and maintenance of trees on their properties. A good professional tree surgeon will normally offer free advice and estimates for tree work. Set aside plenty of time for their visit, as most enjoy talking about trees!

Proper professional advice may enable you to keep your beautiful oak, ash, or chestnut for longer. But if they do have to be felled, a properly qualified professional tree surgeon will carry out the work carefully and skillfully, leaving you with a supply of the most efficient and environmentally friendly fuel you can get.