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    Winter Diseases: Know The Most Common and How to Avoid Them

    With the arrival of the coldest season of the year, the drier air, and low temperatures, people try to keep the environment warm, closing doors and windows to protect themselves from the wind and cold.

    And this happens not only in homes, but also in public places, providing favorable conditions for the contagion and proliferation of viruses and bacteria, contributing to the emergence of diseases in winter.

    Thus, it is important to know the symptoms and the correct treatment for each type of pathology and also to adopt some precautions to prevent it. Buying Medicines online are most hassle free and cost effective. You can get amazing discount on applying 1mg Coupon Code when you buy medicines from 1mg. Get lots of offers on medicine and health products from Couponzoffers and save on online medicine order.

    In this article, you will learn about some of the most common ailments in winter and what is the best way to avoid them. Follow!


    Colds and flu are more frequent at this time of year, compromising the respiratory system, especially in the elderly and children. However, there are other routine illnesses in this period, see below.


    It is an inflammation in the throat area that can be caused by viruses or bacteria, transmitted by coughing or sneezing from an infected person. The most common symptoms are red throat, pain, and irritation, which can give rise to inflammation, colds, and flu.

    These signs can be treated with painkillers, if caused by viruses or antibiotics prescribed by a doctor if caused by bacteria.


    It is an inflammation in the eye’s outer layer that can be caused by viruses or bacteria. Transmission occurs through droplets of saliva in the air or by contaminated objects. The characteristic symptoms are: swelling, itching, and redness, accompanied by a discharge.

    The treatment can be accompanied by an ophthalmologist, so that he can check the feasibility of using anti-inflammatory or antiallergic eye drops.


    It is an infection caused by viruses or bacteria, which starts as respiratory disease, can reach the throat, and move to the ear. Some of the most common symptoms are pain and fever, which can be treated with antibiotics or pain relievers.


    It is an inflammatory disease that affects the lung, usually caused by bacteria or viruses, and can appear after the flu. The symptoms are: fever, chest pain, and cough with phlegm, which in some cases may become more severe. Treatment is carried out with antibiotics.


    To avoid some of these diseases, daily attitudes help and contribute to the prevention, such as:

    • avoid closed places with agglomerations and poor ventilation;
    • wash your hands frequently, preferably with soap and water, and avoid sharing personal items;
    • keep yourself warm, both indoors and when you go out;
    • leave the house always ventilated and clean, in addition to placing water containers around the rooms so they can moisten the air;
    • avoid inhaling cigarette smoke;
    • strengthen the immune system, drinking plenty of water and giving preference to foods rich in vitamins C, such as orange, acerola, lemon, among others;
    • keep the flu vaccine up to date at this time of year.

    In addition to these guidelines, regular physical activity at this time is also essential, as it strengthens the immune system and prevents diseases.

    However, be aware if you experience some of these symptoms, such as the runny nose, body aches, among others, as they are signs that some disease may be near. In this case, it is necessary to seek a doctor’s help so that he can begin the right diagnosis and treatment.

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